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Bonzai, 4

Pet Parent: Jessie

Issue: Asthma

Product: Kidney Support Gold

​​My cat was semi-diagnosed with asthma. And he was showing the signs - extending his neck out in front of him to try & get air, coughing, & acting like he had a hairball. But nothing ever came up.

​​Then he’d swallow hard & shake it off although his breathing sounded crackly. We had a very scary night Valentines 2022 where we thought he might have to go to the emergency. He held on & my vet gave him steroids that took care of the immediate concern the next day. But when she told me I’d have to introduce him to an inhaler & diet food I went looking for alternatives! I ordered Lung Gold the next day & tried to administer it 2x per day. I will not let him go w/ out this product! I also put him on a healthy grain-free diet w/ no gluten. He’s lost weight, runs & plays, can jump again… we didn’t realize how lethargic he was until he was an active little happy guy again!! I highly recommend Lung Gold & the Core Immune Care, which I add to his wet food daily. He still has some random episodes, but never more than 3 in a day. But overall major improvements!

Try Mushroom Immune

Nuka, 5

Pet Parent: JB Hossak

Issue: Seasonal Allergies

Product: Throat Gold

​​Nuka is a real people pet, loves to hike in the woods in search of feathered friends, but she suffers from seasonal allergies, sneezing, coughing, and itchy eyes.

Throat Gold and Nettle-Eyebright Gold dramatically improved Nuka's reaction to environmental allergies, both from pollen and forest fire smoke in the summers.

Nuka loves her Epic Mushrooms Chewies and they seem to be helping her separation anxiety, too.

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Tigger, 15

Pet Parent: Michael

Issue: Old Age

Product: Old Friend

My 15 year old Tigger with kidney disease and joint issues has been using Old Friend as well as your Omega 3 Daily Wellness & Kidney Support Gold.

In the last 6 months all of his levels have gone from high / way above average to now a normal range! My vet couldn't believe it!!

I’m hoping that he will continue to improve and live many more happy years. Thank you.

Try Mushroom Immune

Dougal, 15

Pet Parent: Trcmcmahon

Issue: Cushing's

Product: Adrenal Harmony Gold

Dougal was diagnosed with Cushing's in September last year. He just wasn’t himself and peeing indoors so we knew something was wrong. He was prescribed Steroids 30 mg. It did help but he became very unsettled and disorientated.

We put Adrenal Harmony Gold in his food, he had no problem with it. After a few days there was an improvement in his peeing indoors.

He is now a lot more settled and we feel we have our Dougal back. Thank you for giving Dougal a better quality of life for however long he has left. We do know there’s no cure, but at least we’ll have our Dougal as we know and love him.

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