• Customer Service Representative

    Call Center / Vancouver, BC
    Seeking candidate with strong customer service background & experience in call center environment. Knowledge of natural health supplements/pet ailments is a plus.
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  Working at Pet Wellbeing has been an immensely fulfilling and transformative journey in my professional career. The wealth of knowledge and skills I have acquired through this experience has been invaluable. However, the true essence lies in the exceptional team of individuals I have the privilege of working alongside. Pet Wellbeing has bestowed upon me the invaluable opportunities for continuous professional growth, allowing me to push my boundaries and reach new heights. As pet parents, we hold a profound appreciation for the well-being of our beloved companions, and equally prioritize the mental health and fulfillment of each team member. It is an extraordinary privilege to be a part of this remarkable family.  

- Tania Nevarez, Social Media Manager

  As a Digital Marketing Coordinator, I am not only entrusted with the responsibility to enhance our digital footprint but also to make a meaningful impact on the lives of pets and their owners. The collaborative environment here fosters creativity and innovation, allowing me to constantly evolve and implement fresh strategies. What truly sets PetWellbeing apart, however, is its unwavering commitment to holistic pet care. Every campaign I work on resonates with genuine care and concern for our furry friends. It's incredibly fulfilling to know that my efforts play a role in ensuring healthier and happier lives for pets everywhere.   

- Anmol Rattan, Digital Marketing Coordinator

  Working at Pet Wellbeing has me feeling not just supported as an employee, but as an individual person, too. I am challenged in a way that keeps me growing and learning, and there is always room for improvement and developing new skills. I love pets and have a cat of my own, so spending my days helping as many pets and pet parents as possible is really fulfilling.   

- Barbara Nelmes, Client Resolution Specialist