90-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are so sure about our supplements that we back them with a 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

All we ask is that you try any/all products you purchase for a full 30 days before deciding if you would like to initiate the return process.

Why? It's simple really. Natural herbal products take a while to build up in your pet's system; this means it can take up to a few weeks before you notice the effects.

Remember, these aren't prescription drugs, they're plant extracts. If you give them time to work, we think you'll be pleasantly surprised!

We hope our products work out for your pet, but if for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer service team who can assist you with the return authorization. 

If you would like to return the product or learn more about the policy, please visit our Refund Policy page

*Please note that we do not cover the cost of return shipping

"Pet Wellbeing is truly amazing. I recently lost my beloved dog Timber of 16yrs. I had a product which was unopened which I did not get to use. I was not sure if this could be returned as I did have it for awhile. After sending my inquiry I received nothing but compassion and the return was taken care of without issue. I have used other products and was completely satisfied and would definitely use again. I definitely recommend this company and their products."

"My little dog has had a bad cough for a couple of years. My vet said it was due to a collapsed trachea. I purchased Respir-Gold from Pet Well-being which I thought maybe would give her some relief. I had not given any of the drops to her when she had an episode when resulted into going to the emergency hospital. I had opened the bottle but not given her any of the medicine when this happened. I was advised not to give it to her as she was given prescribed meds. When I received an email from Pet Well-being I let them know what happened, they fully refunded my money even though I had unsealed the bottle. That is a great company to do business with. I truly appreciate it."

"This company has been absolutely wonderful throughout my interactions with them. I ordered a product for my cat, but then asked to return it due to my cat passing away. Not only was the customer service extremely helpful, but they sent me a really sweet and thoughtful card expressing their condolences. I truly appreciate the way this company handled everything, and would absolutely recommend them to anyone I know who is interested in their products. Thanks so much!"

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