Young again and no hair loss

When she was in her mid-forties, Lynn started to experience hair loss. Her hair was thin and fine, and she did not know what to do.

“It got so bad, I started to shop around for wigs,” says Lynn who lives in Montana.

“My hairdresser suggested I see a physician. I did and all the tests came back fine,” she remembers.

“My physician just said: Welcome to middle age!”

Lynn was not going to let middle age become a curse. She started coming up with ways to hide the thinning areas. Then she discovered Hair Essentials and decided to try it. For six months, she faithfully took three pills every morning.

“The results were amazing,” Lynn says.

“In the first three months I could see my hair filling back in where it had become thin. By six months, I had all my hair back and it felt thicker and had lots of body to it.”

Lynn felt young again. Even her fingernails improved during that time.

“They no longer break and grow quickly.”

Because Hair Essentials is expensive, Lynn switched to another cheaper brand for a short period time, but that was not a good move.

“Within a month the hair started to fall out again,” she says.

Lynn has since switched back to Hair Essentials. She has now been using the product for two years and is still very happy with the results.

My hair stopped falling out and is full again. I don’t have to worry about covering thin spots any longer,” says Lynn who feels it is a great investment.

“Now if I can find something to get rid of the deep wrinkles…”