What to do when conventional treatment only makes your cat even sicker than feline liver disease

What to do when conventional treatment only makes your cat even sicker than feline liver disease

Melanie was ready to leave her home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida when she noticed that Felix, her senior cat, stopped eating. Right away, Melanie knew something was wrong since her senior cat always finished his wet food. She got nervous and took her kitty to the vet.

The vet did the blood work, and found that the poor feline had hyperthyroidism, and that his liver enzymes were elevated. The vet gave Melanie a pill to help the kitty cope with liver disease, and while she was out of town, her pet sitter continued the treatment for five days.

When Melanie came home, her best feline friend was no longer the same. “His personality had changed. He was depressed. He still would not eat as much, and he started vomiting a lot which was a side effect from the medicine for hyperthyroidism."

In the midst of all this, the vet gave Melanie a drug to increase the kitty’s appetite, but the poor feline did not tolerate the treatment well. “He started acting really strange like not being able to hold his head up,�? Melanie reports.  She took Felix to the emergency pet centre where they flushed him out with fluids overnight to get the drug out of his system.

After this negative experience with traditional medicine, Melanie decided to turn to natural remedies. She researched the Pet Wellbeing website, read reviews for Milk Thistle being safe, gentle and effective, and decided to order the product.

“After about two doses, I noticed he started to get his appetite back and he seemed much happier. He started scratching his cardboard thing and his kitty condo. Then he started jumping up to the top of the condo,�? Felix’s mom says. “ He is back to his old, mischievous self, running around like a young gazelle.�?

Melanie is so pleased that Felix no longer has to take the traditional drugs that made him even sicker. “He is doing so much better and just acting normal,�? she says. “I am so thankful to Pet Wellbeing for these supplements and that my beautiful Felix is feeling absolutely fantastic.�?

Review received by Melanie, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, April 21 2016

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