What Most Pet Owners Never Think About: Fall Safety Tips for your Pets

What Most Pet Owners Never Think About: Fall Safety Tips for your Pets

Fall Safety Tips for your Pets when it comes to FLEA protection and other outside dangers.

Fall is a beautiful time of year but it can actually be dangerous for your pet! When the weather gets colder, the fleas are also looking to attach to furry hosts such as your pets. This is the time to take preventative measures.

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe at this time of the year:

  1. Even if you don't use rodenticide in order to protect your precious pet, your neighbours may. The use of rat and mouse poison increases in the fall. Be sure your pet is not exposed to these deadly poisons. Keep them out of paws reach! Be cautious about where your pets spend your time, because if something happens, you may not be able to trace back to the root cause of toxins, or even allergens.
  2. Your child’s back pack or lunch box may be of interest to your pet. Glue sticks, pencils and magic markers can cause GI upset in your pet if he or she ingests them. Old sandwiches hold great fascination for curious pets who will eat anything. Don’t leave those things around for your pets to muck into!
  3. The fall brings an increase in mushrooms and toadstools. 99% of all mushrooms are non toxic but that 1% that is toxic is very toxic. It is almost impossible to tell a non toxic mushroom from a toxic mushroom so if your pet eats a mushroom be sure to take him or her to the emergency room immediately.
  4. If you have outdoor pets, now is the time to insure they will have fresh, clean unfrozen water for the winter. Make sure all shelters for horses or dogs are clean and warm enough for the kind of winter you get.
  5. Pay attention to engine coolants at this time of year. Many people change their antifreeze and even a small amount of this substance can be toxic to pets. Use pet friendly antifreeze and watch out for spills. If your pet comes in contact with this, take him or her to the closest veterinarian or emergency hospital as antifreeze is highly toxic.

With a few simple precautions, fall can be a great time for you and your pet. If you are concerned about FLEAS, here is our latest blog on everything you need to know to protect your pet from fleas!

  • If you have children in your household: remember "back to school" transitions may cause some adjustment not only for your kids, but your pets as well. Your pets may have become accustomed to having constant playmates and when the kids are back at school, the fur kids are often bored. Here are a few tips to help with the transition:
  • Make sure your child’s daily routine includes his or her pet..Your pet still needs to be fed and walked and these are great activities the pets and kids can do together. Make sure to factor in some extra one on one time with the pets for play and exercise. Plan fun activities that your child can do with the pet on the weekends. Apple picking is a great idea. Most orchards are fine with leashed dogs. Trips to the park can be great for the entire family.
  • If your pet is left alone a lot now that everyone is back at school, insure he or she has lots of toys and food puzzles. Now might be a good time to get some new toys for the pets to enjoy. Kongs filled with high value treats or interactive treat dispensing toys may prevent destructive behaviours.
  • Consider enrolling in a dog class in which your child can participate as the trainer or handler. This is good for both of them.
  • Spend extra time grooming your pet. Most pets love the attention of being brushed and with fall coming it is shedding time. Your pet will get lots of love and your house will be cleaner!
  • A few safety tips for back to school—Back to school shopping frequently includes glue sticks, pencils and magic markers.  These items can cause GI upset in your pet if he or she ingests them. Be sure to keep them out of paws reach.

If you consider your pet as well as your child the back to school transition can be easy and smooth for the pet at least! Remember how you do something, is how you do everything, so if you are attentive with your pet now, you are cultivating a healthy lifetime for your four-legged family member. (and they are always grateful for that!)

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