Victory against hair loss

Cindy has been struggling with hair loss for a long time and came across Fo-Ti Root while doing an online search. She decided to give it a try. When the product was delivered at her home in Florida, she started taking it once a day before bedtime, mixing it with juice for better taste. After only a couple of months, she could not believe the results.

“My hair is growing thicker, softer, and longer,” says Cindy.

 She noticed that not only she was not losing as much hair as she did before, but also that she had less grey hair.
The true moment of victory came when Cindy picked up her husband at the airport after a business trip. He had been away for three weeks and was surprised when he saw his wife.

“He was surprised to see how thick my hair is,” says Cindy.

“At first he thought I was wearing my extensions but when I told him it’s all my own hair, he couldn’t believe it!”