Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

When the time comes to spend your hard-earned money on a list of presents for the people close to you this holiday season, don’t forget to spend some on the furry friends in your life!

There are plenty of reasons to get gifts for your beloved cat or dog. However, it’s important to choose gifts that are not only useful and enjoyable but also good for them. Toys stimulate their brains and their bodies, keeping them active mentally and physically. Beds and perches offer your smallest family member a chance to destress and lounge in a space that’s truly their own.

It’s clear that the benefits of holiday gifts for your pets are endless. The only question is, what gifts are best for your furry friend? Here are 10 of our favorite suggestions.

1. A window perch

Whether you live in a high-rise apartment or a suburban home, your cat will love the opportunity to settle into a hammock that’s suction-cupped to a large window. They can bask in the sun, watch the birds flitter around or simply gaze out at their kingdom.

2. Heated beds

If you live in a colder climate or your dog or cat is getting older, a heated bed can serve as the perfect way to fend off those winter chills. Give your pet a place to curl up and nap that’s soft and warm all winter long. If you have an outdoor cat who will go outside during the winter, a heated bed is a must to warm their chilly bones!

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3. Memory foam bed

Dogs, cats and people all love the feel of a memory foam bed. Where cotton beds can wear down quickly, memory foam beds are built to stand the test of time. If you have an older cat or dog, a memory foam bed can provide wonderful relief for aching joints and muscles.

4. Catnip-infused toys

These days, catnip toys come in a massive selection of shapes, sizes and varieties. There’s bound to be a catnip toy shaped however you’d like! It doesn’t particularly matter what your chosen catnip toy looks like; your cat will absolutely love it. Catnip excites your cat’s sensory neurons, leaving them giddy and euphoric.

5. Health supplements

While treats are a common gift choice among pet parents, supplements are both delicious and good for your pet’s health. Almost every pet can benefit from a natural supplement of some kind, whether it’s targeted toward a specific health ailment or it’s a standard nutritional supplement with all-around benefits.

6. Hair removal gloves

Any conscientious pet owner understands how critical regular brushing is for your pet. It decreases tangles, rounds up excess hair that would otherwise end up on the floor and adds volume and shine to their coat. Unfortunately, not every pet loves the sensation of a brush on their skin. That’s where the hair removal glove comes in. The soft rubber bristles are gentle on your dog or cat’s fur and conforms to the contour of your hand, making the process of grooming much more comfortable.

7. Puzzles

You might not immediately think a puzzle would be your pet’s favorite gift, but it very well could be. A puzzle toy or food dish can do wonders for your dog or cat. It can help overeaters slow down, keep older pets mentally active, teach youngsters coordination, deter troublemaking behavior and much more.

8. New collars

Once your dog or cat is strapped into their collar, it tends to get overlooked. But keep in mind that your pet’s collar is exposed to all the same elements they’re exposed to. What’s more, the collar probably isn’t cleaned as regularly as it should be. The result is a mix of bacteria hanging around your pet’s neck. A new collar can give them a new look and you more peace of mind.

9. Laser toys

People with a kitten or cat in the house understand how challenging it can be to keep them entertained as much as they would like. A laser toy can help. Laser toys come in several varieties, from handheld to automatic, but all of them can maximize your comfort and your cat’s enjoyment.

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10. Fleece blankets

If you aren’t aware of the magic of fleece blankets, now is the time to learn! Don’t let your pet—or yourself—suffer one more moment without luxuriating underneath (or on top of) a cozy fleece blanket. Pets of all kinds tend to love the material. And, if you’re hoping to enjoy some holiday snuggles with your furry friend, adding fleece to the mix should do the trick!

Getting your pet a gift this holiday season will show them how much you love and care for them, but you don’t want to get them just any item. Make sure you choose a gift that your pet can use and enjoy, and they’re sure to share the love right back.