Tasha Defied the Odds After What Looked Like A Month to Live

Tasha Defied the Odds After What Looked Like A Month to Live

Tasha the golden doodle loves donut holes (known as Tim Bits in Canada) almost as much as she loves opening presents on Christmas morning. So it was extra devastating to receive a diagnosis of Cushing’s Disease in early December. After one week on meds her parents thought she wouldn't make it until Christmas. But they weren't going to let that happen, and it seems they managed to work a miracle!

Tasha is a sweetheart, pure and simple. Like a little child, she just loves opening presents. She rips the paper off making sure she spits the paper out to get what is inside. Usually a stuffed chew toy is waiting inside and Tasha loves her stuffed toys. She mothers them and cleans them and takes them out to play. And just like a child, her parents love Tasha like she was their own.

The first signs that something really wrong were noticed in Tasha’s weight loss and hair loss. She began panting a lot, even when she was not hot, anxious, or thirsty. She lost so much of her hair that she had to start using sunscreen. No matter how hot the weather was, she was always cold and hidden under blankets. Normally she didn’t like being constricted and always struggled to keep cool, but that was before she and her parents discovered what was going on! 


Initially, the vet prescribed a drug called Vetoryl when she was diagnosed, and within six days she stopped eating and on the seventh day she stopped drinking and didn’t want to move. Her hair turned almost completely white and very thin. Poor Tasha was already so sick that they didn’t think she would make it to her 12th birthday. Tasha’s parents couldn’t bear it and stopped giving it to her immediately. Searching the internet for alternative therapies for Cushing's, they discovered Pet Wellbeing’s Adrenal Harmony Gold. It couldn't hurt, right? And with a money back guarantee they decided that they had everything to gain if it worked and nothing to lose if it didn't. 

That’s when “miracles” began for her. Within the first week she stopped panting and within several weeks her hair started growing back. Within a couple of months, even though she is 12 years old, Tasha was acting like a puppy again. She returned back to her lovely apricot color again. Her groomer was astonished at her hair growth and she is now back to her old self including getting too hot: no more blankets! 


“We can never thank Pet Wellbeing enough for creating these miracle products that gave us our girl back. Thank you.”

This year Tasha will be a different dog opening her presents under the Christmas tree. She can enjoy her favorite holiday with the same energy and joy in her trademark childlike way. And who knows? Maybe she’ll even get some Tim Bits this year, too.