Supplement Gifts to Relieve a Pet Suffering from Digestive Problems

Supplement Gifts to Relieve a Pet Suffering from Digestive Problems

The holidays are right around the corner, but if you have a pet suffering from digestive problems, you may be more focused on them than on the rest of your to-do list—party planning, gift wrapping, food prepping and more. When cats and dogs experience stomach problems like constipation, diarrhea or gut inflammation, the result can be bad all around. Your pet is likely to feel uncomfortable or even in pain, and you may be left cleaning up a mess or rushing your pet to the vet at the most inconvenient times.

One way to help minimize your pet’s digestive problems—particularly during the busy holiday season—is to give them digestive supplements as holiday gifts! Unlike treats, natural supplements will actually help your pet feel better and remain healthy. But, unlike medicine, supplements are tasty and all-natural, so you won’t be over-medicating your pet.

Spread wellness and cheer this holiday


Dogs and cats are unlikely to understand the commercial nature of the holidays. Instead, they likely acknowledge what the holidays are truly about—spending quality time with loved ones and sharing things that come from the heart. This is precisely why natural supplements are great holiday gifts for your pets.

Supplements for digestion (or any other ailment) are designed to improve your pet’s health, so they feel as healthy as possible and can enjoy life without pain, discomfort or nausea. Digestive problems tend to be ongoing, as well, meaning if they aren’t addressed, they could continue to affect your pet for years to come.

Giving your pet the gift of digestive supplements will show them you care and help them feel better inside and out for much longer than just the holiday season. The gift of wellness is one they’ll be able to cherish for months and years to come!

Top choices for pet digestive supplements


Depending on what kind of digestive problem ails your pet, you have a few different choices when it comes to digestive supplement gifts. Give your dog or cat the one that’s most appropriate for their symptoms for the best results.

  • Probiotics: Probiotics are a wonderful gift option for all pets—not just ones with digestive problems. However, they can make a world of a difference for pets suffering from food intolerances, inflammatory bowel disease and other conditions affecting the gut. By introducing beneficial bacteria into the intestines, probiotic supplements help balance the gut microbiome and minimize harmful pathogens that cause digestive upset, immune problems and other ailments throughout the body. Probiotics are a wonderful “everyday” supplement that can have long-lasting effects on your dog’s or cat’s wellness.
  • Hairball remedies: If you have a cat with long hair or who is prone to hairballs, they may experience digestive problems related to the clumping and passing of hair in the stomach and colon. Cats tend to vomit up hairballs because they cannot pass through the gut. Some hairballs can even travel into the intestines and form a dangerous blockage. Frequent hairballs can lead to stomach, esophageal and intestinal upset over time. Natural hairball supplements can increase the lubrication in the digestive system to help hair pass through much more easily and provide your cat added comfort.
  • Constipation: If your dog or cat fails to drink enough water, they might suffer from the occasional bout of constipation. Constipation can be extremely uncomfortable for our pets, not to mention a little scary for us as owners! Although there are many home remedies for constipation in cats and dogs, not all are effective for all pets, and some might even disrupt the gut too much, causing diarrhea. Herbal supplements that help regulate intestinal function can help move things along inside your pet’s digestive tract to alleviate and prevent constipation without causing further bowel disruptions.
  • Diarrhea: Diarrhea is unfortunately common in both dogs and cats. Whether it’s caused by stress, something they ate or sudden dietary changes, diarrhea can be dangerous if it’s not addressed fast enough. If your pet’s stomach is a little sensitive, giving them supplements to stop diarrhea can help soothe their upset digestive tract and make going to the bathroom a little easier and more comfortable.

Buying supplements for your pets this holiday season shouldn’t be thought of as giving medicine—it should be seen as making an investment in and giving the gift of your pet’s good health. With their digestive health back on track and their bodies feeling more comfortable, your pet is sure to have a joyful holiday and new year!