Saving beloved pit bull’s life from dog cancer

Saving beloved pit bull’s life from dog cancer

A year ago, Christmas was not a joyful time for this family living in Celebration, Florida. Chula, their beloved pit bull had just developed a tumor in her right leg. The tumor was so embedded that only a right leg amputation would save the dog’s life from cancer. “Agreeing to the amputation was one of the hardest decisions I ever made in my life,�? says Chula’s mom. “Yet it was the only way to keep my dear dog alive.�?

The operation was a success, and the vet recommended a radiation treatment to make sure the cancer would not return. Chula’s mom felt her loving friend had gone through so much already that she decided not to pursue the radiation. Unfortunately only after a few weeks, Chula’s mom noticed a new lump on the pit bull’s back. She was terrified and brought Chula back to the vet who recommended additional surgery.

Chula’s mom could not take it any more. She did not want to put Chula through another surgery and started searching for natural remedies online to fight cancer. She came across Life Gold and decided to give it a try. She started giving Chula the drops every day. To her amazement, only after two weeks, the tumor went away. “When I returned to my vet, she could not believe it,�?  Chula’s mom says. Today, the miracle dog continues to take the drops every day. “She is doing just fine and loving her healthy life.�?

The whole family and Chula’s two loving sisters happily celebrate a wonderful life together (Florida, April 22, 2015)

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