Sasha Returns to Her Old Self with Adrenal Harmony Gold

Sasha Returns to Her Old Self with Adrenal Harmony Gold

Sasha is a Maltese/Shih Tzu cross who is full of energy and has a serious mind of her own. She loves going for her daily walks with her dad Kerry, chasing her fellow pup pal Abby, and sourcing out treats wherever she goes. When she started to wind down, lose her hair, and get very, very hungry, her parents knew something was up. Skeptics by nature, they took a leap of faith and tried out an herbal solution. They would be extremely thankful that they did!

When first visiting the vet in May 2018, poor Sasha was very low and barely had the energy to just lay around the house. The vet clinic administered a number of tests and eventually presented the diagnosis they feared: Cushing’s Disease. The available treatment options seemed quite grim. Sasha could take medication, but it would cause side effects that potentially could kill her anyway. That is when Kerry decided to hit the internet and do some more research. There had to be other options!


Sasha’s dad naturally isn't a great advocate of herbal medicines, but with few other available options he decided to try Adrenal Harmony Gold. Things were getting serious and Sasha was deteriorating very quickly. The situation seemed hopeless and they didn't think she was going to be around for too many more months. They had to take a chance.

Within a week of taking the Pet Wellbeing formula there was already a change starting. At first, Sasha wasn't as hungry anymore and she wasn’t panting as much. Then, her energy levels started to come back to normal and eventually even her hair loss reversed. The most miraculous result of the treatment with Adrenal Harmony Gold is that it actually stabilized her cortisol levels - in fact they even reversed!

“Adrenal Harmony Gold will never totally get rid of this terrible disease, but we believe that while Sasha is on Adrenal Harmony Gold, she will be able to lead a very comfortable life and hopefully old age will get her before the Cushing's Disease does. Thank you Pet Wellbeing for producing these wonderful medications you have on offer” - Sasha's mom

That was 2 years ago now and Sasha is still going for energetic walks with Kerry all the time. He also has had a chance to change his views because, in the end, this herbal solution saved Sasha's life and gave her quality of life back.