Rescue the Rescues Update: Kitsap Humane Society

Rescue the Rescues Update: Kitsap Humane Society

Making our first contact in the Pacific Northwest, Rescue the Rescues reached Kitsap Humane Society based in Silverdale, Washington. They depend upon the kindness and generosity of its community to find homes for homeless pets. 

Kitsap Humane Society is an independent nonprofit organization committed to providing positive life changing solutions to people and animals in need. Pet Wellbeing is proud to offer them products to help support their animals with intense stress, skin allergies, joint pain, and struggling immune systems.


Sheltering animals since 1908, Kitsap Humane Society envisions a time when all adoptable pets have loving homes. They spay/neuter thousands of animals each year to prevent animal overpopulation and reduce the number of future homeless pets. 

Kitsap Humane’s goal is achieved through their policies of:

  • Accepting, sheltering, and rehabilitating companion animals in need.
  • Providing humane rescue, protection, prevention, adoption and education services.
  • Implementing progressive life-saving and life-affirming programs.
  • Collaborating and partnering with our region and supporters to build a model humane community.

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