Pets Are Getting Their Own Luxury Hotels And...Homes?

Pets Are Getting Their Own Luxury Hotels And...Homes?

The modern pet owner sees a dog or a cat as not just an animal but a legitimate member of the family. No one wants to skimp on expenses for their child, and pet owners feel the same way about the well-being of their pets. Money is no object when it comes to their pets’ food, entertainment, and hospitality.

So rather than simply leaving their pets at home or with a friend when they go on vacation, many pet owners have turned to the growing number of pet hotels.

No Reason To Miss Home

In New York City, dog owners can spend up to $200 a night to put their pets up at D Pet Hotels. For this price, the dog gets a room with a full-sized bed as well as a 42-inch flat screen TV that plays dog-friendly movies like "Beverly Hills Chihuauha" and "Fox and the Hound."

During the day, the pets are treated to meals prepared by a personal chef, a “pawdicure�? to style their nails,�? a workout on the “pooch treadmill,�? and a trip to the dog park in a Bentley or Lamborghini. For about fifteen to twenty minutes, dogs can be taken on a walk through the neighborhood.

Pets can also access these services at daycare, which is priced at $25 for 3 hours, $45 for 3-6 hours, and $55 for 6-12 hours.

According to CNBC, regular clients of D Pet Hotels spend anywhere from $800 to $2,000 a month.

When asked about the summer season, co-owner Kerry Brown said: �?Our high-end services, our Uber Suites, are booked almost every weekend, because there's always that client who wants to make sure their dog gets the very best they can ask for.�?

Welcome To The Kitty Condo

Similar treatment is available for cats at the Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, New Jersey. In addition to plush beds and televisions, cats get to enjoy nature walks, interactive iPad games, and of course, plenty of cuddling from experienced staff members

"They want to know their cat is being taken care of,�? vice president Joanne Morris told CNBC of her customers. “Not necessarily just check on, but really monitored with someone who understands their wellbeing and behavior, and what will make them happy in the long run.�?

The luxury boarding home reportedly charges $30.95 a night for a standard room and up to $70 for a “kitty condo�? or suite.

Millennials: Pets > Spouses And Children

The fact that nearly $6 million was spent on boarding and grooming services last year isn’t much of a surprise considering younger pet owners are apparently buying homes solely because it’s better for their pets.

A survey conducted by Harris Poll asked millennials about their motivation for buying their first home. Just 19% said they made the decision with the intent to have children, while 25% thought owning a home was the logical next step after getting married.

The most popular answer was generated by the 33% of millennials who bought a home primarily to give their pets more space to play.

It’s unclear why millennials favor pets over children but some have suggested it stems from their affinity for automatic rewards. Children have unpredictable attitudes whereas dog or cats love their owners unconditionally, even if the owner hasn’t necessarily earned their affection.

While this mentality definitely has its downsides, it’s difficult to deny the logic behind wanting to share your home with a reliable companion rather than a screaming infant.rivers mapки�?точка дл�? �?трелок