Pet Technology in 2019: What’s Next & Coming Soon?

Pet Technology in 2019: What’s Next & Coming Soon?

How we care for our pets has changed a lot in recent years. Today, watching and caring for a cat or dog often includes incorporating various pieces of technology. From activity monitors to self-cleaning litter boxes, our everyday interactions with pets are being simplified.

Transitioning into 2019, more pet-centric devices already are or will soon be available on the market. For a preview of what’s to come, check out more below.


Just like humans, pets now have access to wearable technology devices. Whether monitoring health or allowing access into the home, these devices are handy for owners.

  • RAWR Smart Pet Collar:
    This smart collar fits a lot into a small device. For instance, RAWR tracks pet’s vitals for early detection of diseases. It monitors calories burned, tracks the pet’s location via GPS and uses a vibration feature to help with training. Paired with the RAWR app, the collar is accessible on iOS or Android devices. It also includes an LED light for visibility up to 1,600 feet, which is handy for night walking. This device can even schedule vet appointments!
  • Wagz:
    Gone are the days of the simple doggie door. Wagz uses a tag on a dog’s collar to open the dog door flap for it. It’s configured to your dog, so the neighbor’s dog or another animal won’t be allowed in. And, as a bonus, the tag is trackable, so if a dog runs away, owners are able to find it quickly.

For the Home

With the increase of smart home devices like Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa, why not have a smart device for a pet?

  • Pet Cube 2:
    The second iteration of Pet Cube, this device is a camera that allows owners to check up on their cat or dog at home. The new version features two-way audio to let owners talk to their pets and for owners to hear pets’ responses. There are two versions available: one for dogs and one for cats. The dog version can release treats, while the cat version has a laser toy.

For Activity

Getting up and going outside every day with a pet is not always an option. Plus, many cats stay indoors. However, people are not ignoring opportunities for pet exercise equipment.

  • Varram Pet Fitness Robot: Meant to encourage physical activity in cats and dogs, the Varram is a two-wheeled robot. It disperses treats when pets interact with it. The robot can dangle cat toys or roll around for dogs to chase. This device has 10 hours of run time after a two-hour charge. Owners can also control the robot manually via smartphone Bluetooth.
  • The Little Cat:
    It’s a hamster wheel, but for cats. Using a built-in laser array, the treadmill entices cats to hop on for a spin. Owners control the device from their smartphone. The treadmill records a cat’s body mass index, from which owners can control the speed of the device and set calorie burning goals. There’s even an option for recording messages of encouragement for a cat to hear. The app records run data to help map out a custom exercise plan.

Waste Removal

A big drawback for many pet owners is managing the litter box or picking up after Fido. Never fear, the robots are here to help!

  • LavvieBot Purrsong:
    This litter box removes both poop and pee after a cat leaves it. The waste is shifted into a drawer that owners have to empty on occasion. New litter is added via an opening at the top of the box. It features a grid shelf to prevent litter from being tracked out of the box, as well as filters to reduce the smell. Connectable to smartphones via an app, the litter box will notify owners when more litter needs to be added and sends a report on the cat’s toilet activity.
  • Inubox:
    Here it is, the robotic litter box for dogs, minus the litter. Inubox is a self-cleaning toilet for dogs. A large tray coated with hydrophobic material senses when a dog has relieved itself. It automatically rinses itself afterward and moves the waste into a litter-like substance. This is then collected into a bag, which is removed by owners via a small hatch. The device will release treats to encourage dogs to return to it, which helps with training pets to use it.

Needless to say, pet technology is a thriving business. In the coming years, pet owners will have robots assisting
them with a variety of tasks. For now, 2019 will have many helpful solutions coming for pets and owners.