Pet Allergies & Immunology everything you need to know in our FREE eBook!

Pet Allergies & Immunology everything you need to know in our FREE eBook!

Itchy Pets?

So many pets have allergies, that if your pet is among them, you’re certainly not alone!  While one in five cats have allergies, it’s estimated that almost half of all dogs in the United States suffer from some kind of allergies. That’s a lot of uncomfortable dogs!

Did you know – skin allergies in pets are the number one reason dogs are brought to their veterinarian; sixth most common reason for cats? 

Suffering from Pet Allergies

In fact, five out of ten reasons for veterinary visits are due to some aspect of the immune system and – unbeknownst to most pet owners – may have an allergic component (skin, ears, hot spots, vomiting, and diarrhea).

At Pet Wellbeing we have a Board of Advisors who are Holistic Veterinarians and Veterinary Professors. Thousands of our readers and customers have encouraged us to address this prevalent issue for both dogs and cats! Like any allergy, most people can only treat the symptoms, not the root cause. This is why we were encouraged to put together a reliable guide for your pet's IMMUNITY as well as allergies. 

For the owner of the allergic dog or cat, allergies give cause to worry all the time. Not just worry about when the next allergy attack will occur and what to do about it but also, many pet owners feel guilty giving their four-legged friend over the counter or prescribed pharmaceuticals just to break the never-ending "itch cycle", but you wonder if...

These annoying symptoms are due to your pets' food, skin OR flea allergies?.. 

Pet Wellbeing Recommendations

 Allergy Primer for Dogs and Cats and their Families:

  • Skin allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Flea allergies 
  • Common causes of  allergies and itchiness 
  • Treatment & Immunology 

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Because pet allergies are so common, and the symptoms so annoying to pets, helping with allergies is one of the most common things veterinarians do!

When a pet presents with signs of allergies, the first thing is to examine the three most common causes of allergies: Top causes of Itch: Food allergies, Flea allergies and Atopic dermatitis.

In addition to the top three causes of allergies that cause itchiness, pet owners are advised to evaluate common household chemicals that can trigger sensitivities in their pets.

Sometimes, discontinuing use of one or more of these household products (air fresheners, shampoo and other personal care products and in some cases cat litter) can solve allergy symptoms; hypoallergenic alternatives are recommended.

Pets tend to be two to five years old when allergies start, but the allergic dog or cat is getting younger and younger due to genetic components and environmental exposures.

Canine allergies usually present as skin disorders, but the symptoms can also be in the gut. Cats also get itchy skin disease, just less frequently than dogs.Pet Allergy Symptoms

With this eBook, the owner of an allergic pet can do many things to alleviate their pets’ allergies – either with home remedies or with the help of their veterinarian!

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