On the road again with no anxiety

On the road again with no anxiety

Kris has been recovering from a severe traumatic brain injury for the past year and a half. Although Kris was not anxious by nature, the brain injury changed that.

“I felt a high level of anxiety, a new life experience for me,” Kris says.

“It was keeping me from healing because I had to do so much to deal with the anxiety.” For example riding in a car was a terrifying experience.

Kris did not want to go on prescription anxiety meds. Instead she did some research on anxiety-calming herbs and found out that Stress and Anxiety Essentials contained natural ingredients. She gave it a try.

I noticed a profound difference immediately,” Kris says.

“If I was going for a long drive, I would take two or three pills a few minutes before the drive and have little to no anxiety. These allowed me to learn to drive again because I could take as many pills as necessary to completely calm me down,” Kris explains.

“I remained calm on the road.”

Since then, Kris recommended Stress and Anxiety Essentials to friends with anxiety about flying, general academic stress, and anxiety.

It has been helpful for all of my friends,” she says.