Nominate Your Favorite Pet Rescue Group for Donation

Nominate Your Favorite Pet Rescue Group for Donation

Help us to help the rescue groups saving our beloved pets from unthinkable conditions! If you are a pet parent to a rescue dog or cat, nominate your favorite rescue agency, shelter, or sanctuary and Pet Wellbeing will offer a donation to support their rescues. 

We've sent out our first donations and we're just getting started!



At Pet Wellbeing, the welfare of vulnerable animals is a cause very close to our hearts.  We are now actively donating our life-changing supplements to rescue groups, shelters, and animal sanctuaries across North America. We want to help the most vulnerable pets seeking their forever home to be as healthy as can be. To do this, we are going straight to the pet rescue community! 

Too often rescue pets are the ones who need the most help. From injury, mistreatment, and disease, rescue animals often require hours of treatment and rehabilitation. Rescue groups face tough challenges and run entirely off donations from the public. Join us to help rescue animals find the better life they deserve!

Nominate a rescue group in the link below!