Natural Support for cats with cancer - inspiring customer story

Natural Support for cats with cancer - inspiring customer story

If your cat has cancer, the best way to handle it is to take action. Learn all you can about your cat's form of cancer. Find out how to give her the best possible care. We suggest you talk to your vet about the various treatments available. For some types of cancers, conventional treatments are quite effective. Natural products can be a helpful addition to your veterinarians treatment plan, to help strengthen your cat's immune system, and the natural ability to fight cancerous cells!

Here's a good customer story about how Cinder's mom took powerful action to treat her feline cancer with Pet Wellbeing's "Life Gold" as well as the love and care! 

Cinder was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma three weeks ago, after having most of her teeth removed, initially because of an abscess. I have always brushed her teeth and given her vitamins every day so I think she was strong going into the surgery. The vet got the cancer out of her gums, but she didn't touch the palate where there were a few squamous cells in the biopsy.

She looked nearly dead when I brought her home, but once inside, she broke out of the sack I was carrying her, rushed to the fountain, and drank and drank and drank. Then she rushed for food and hasn't stopped eating since. I was trained in holistic therapy so when I heard the diagnosis, I immediately added 50 mcg of Selenium, 500 units of SOD, 150 mg of dry E (she had been taking 50), Pancreatic enzymes, and A 2000 IU (twice a week), in addition to her CoQ10 100 mg, L-Lysine, Feline Immune Support, Feline Enteric Support, and probiotic.

I bought the "Life Gold" drops you sell for cancer, which seem to agree with her. I know the selenium can be poisonous at a high dose, but I gave 100 mcg to a cat who had liver cancer every day for a year, and he was fine.

The squamous cell carcinoma went dormant after the surgery, and it appears to be shrinking because all the swelling Cinder had in her cheek and around her eye has subsided. She is also sneezing less when she eats, and her eye, although still tearing, is much better. She has gained weight, five ounces as of last week, when I took her to the vet for a post-op check-up.

She is racing around the house like a herd of wild buffalo. She still feels thin, but she looks fluffy and is well-groomed. Her coat is very shiny, and the tight-stretched look she had on her face has disappeared. She is looking pretty again. She talks and she leaps on my lap for attention. She drinks normally. In fact everything is normal, so I am hoping that she is going to beat this very aggressive, horrible cancer, even though the odds are not good. I have only been giving Cinder the "Life Gold" drops for three days so it is still difficult to evaluate the full benefits, but she seems to get better every day, possibly because I added the SOD at the same time.

Natural Support for cats with cancer

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