Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Cool This Summer

Keep Your Dog Comfortable and Cool This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s a great opportunity to get out and have fun with your pet. But the weather can bring added risks that may result in tragedy. For example, we hear the warnings every year, but still there are some people who leave their dogs in the car. On a summer’s day, if the outside temperature is 85°, it can climb above 100° inside the car in less than ten minutes.

Below, we run through some simple tips to help you and your four-legged friend to have a wonderful, comfortable and trouble-free summer.

Time your activities carefully

It’s one thing wanting to enjoy the warm weather, but your dog doesn’t have the luxury of sunscreen and a floppy hat. Avoid the midday sun, and when possible, try to get out in the early morning. That way, even if the sun is already beating down, the ambient temperature is still lower thanks to the cool night air.

Watch where you’re walking

Ever walked barefoot on a hot pavement in the summer? We’ve all done it, and you know how it feels. Your dog’s pads might be a little more thick-skinned than the soles of your feet, but they can still burn on hot surfaces. Seek out shady routes for your walk and if that’s not possible, give your dog an opportunity to walk on grass, as this will be far cooler than man-made surfaces.

Taking a road trip?

There are an estimated nine million RVs across the States, and they are particularly popular with dog owners, as they provide the perfect way to take a pet-friendly vacation. Just remember that an RV can get stiflingly hot, just the same as a car, so if you have to leave your dog for even a few minutes, ensure there is a fan or air conditioner.

A wise precaution is to use a Wi-Fi temperature sensor. That way, you will be immediately warned if the cooling system stops working for any reason.

Watch out for bugs

If you see a tick on your pet’s coat, remove it straight away, as they can transmit Lyme disease. You can buy a tick twister at any pet supplies store for this purpose. Resist the temptation to spray your dog with bug repellent! Remember, dogs have a sense of smell that is at least 10,000 times more acute than ours. If you think that bug spray smells strong, just imagine how overpowering it will be to your pup!

No sooner has summer arrived than it seems to be over and we are preparing for winter again, so it makes sense to enjoy it to the full. Keep the above points in mind so that you and your dog can both have a safe and happy summer.