Jingles free from Cushing's disease with Adrenal Harmony Gold

Jingles free from Cushing's disease with Adrenal Harmony Gold

Hi, this is Jingles, a 13-year old  English Cocker. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.  It was costing approximately $150 a month for medicine and $300 for blood work every three months.  I asked the Vet how long this will go on, and he said there's no telling. So I got the impression that there was no cure.

I decided to do some homework and researched it online.  I stumbled upon the Pet Wellbeing site.  I was first impressed with the the doctor's’ credentials and the reviews, especially from those customers who were getting results with Cushing’s disease.  I ordered two bottles of the Adrenal Harmony Gold and began immediately.

Being health-conscious myself, I said why not for the dogs as well. After three months, I had Jingles tested. The vet was very surprised and announced that he was cured.

I then added Life Gold to his diet.  All my dogs have died of cancer. So I decided to be proactive with Jingles. In the last 18 months, he has had many cysts removed. They tend to break forth as big red bumps, making it very difficult to groom him without cutting them. Every time they were removed, they were tested, and the vet reported them to be benign.

Also, most dogs start showing gray hairs after age 10. Jingles only has a little gray hair at the bottom of his chin.  His coat still looks as if he is under 10 years of age. Thank you Pet Wellbeing for your commitment to our four-legged family members...

  • Promotes healthy skin and coat
  • Helps normal hair growth
  • Supports normal thirst and urination
  • Supports healthy weight, normal appetite
  • Supports proper muscle tone

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