Is Your Pet Internet-Famous? Work With Us to Spread the Word!

Is Your Pet Internet-Famous? Work With Us to Spread the Word!

Does your dog or cat have a rockin’ Instagram or YouTube account? Have you left us a pawsome review? We’re looking to reward and collaborate with pet influencers and reviewers on future campaigns. Let’s take your love of Pet Wellbeing to the next level!

Our customers are our biggest champions and advocates. Every day we see so many of you tagging us on social media sharing your pet’s amazing wellness journey. Each tag, post, story, review, and @ mention helps us spread our message to other pet owners with furry friends in need!

As a valuable part of our community, we want to reward you for working with us! If you or your pet have a strong social media presence - Let’s collaborate! You don’t need to have tons and tons of followers and experience - you just need to bring a genuine enthusiasm about your healthy pet!

Post once, a few times, or become a long-term member of our community - It’s up to you! Whether you are a first-timer or a serious pupflencer, we are hoping to meet the right pets and pet parents who can develop into official brand ambassadors.


Why work with Pet Wellbeing?

The more you want to work with us, the more we want to give back! From free product to a commission on sales and cold hard cash ($$), we want to reward you for a job well done. We’ll find the best mutually rewarding partnership together!

What do I need to do?

Just take your favorite photos and videos of your pet with our products, tag them appropriately, link when you can, and share to your followers. We will reward you for helping us!

More developed partnerships with higher rewards could include sharing links, discount codes, affiliate links (discount codes and commission for you!), reviews, testimonials, and more. The more you scratch our ears, the more treats for you!

Ready to team up?

Follow the link below and fill out the form to join the Pet Wellbeing digital promotion team! Tell us all about your pet’s social platforms and how you would like to work together.