How to Donate to a Pet Rescue Without Giving Money

How to Donate to a Pet Rescue Without Giving Money

Animal lovers often fear that money is the only way they can help a pet rescue agency. This can discourage individuals who want to make a difference, especially if financial instability makes it difficult to chip in. People fall under the impression that money is the most important resource because rescues need it to stay afloat.

However, pet rescues need a lot more than money to support their charitable efforts. You can help rescue pets in many ways that don’t involve monetary donations, whether that’s giving supplies or your time at the facilities. Check out how you can save rescues without donating money.

Donate pet food and supplies

Pet rescues will always need food. While pet food requires spending money, it feels good to know your donation is keeping a fur baby’s stomach full. Ask local rescues which types of pet food they’re looking for. You can also donate food already in your possession, but keep in mind that most rescues only accept unopened bags of food or treats. Pet parents may choose to donate unopened food containers if they’re switching to a different formula.

If you’re a pet owner, you can put those old leashes and cat beds to good use. Some rescues will accept hand-me-downs as long as they’re washed and still in good condition. Consider donating used collars, leashes, bedding, crates and whatever else your fur baby doesn’t need anymore. Check your local rescue’s website for a list of which pet supplies they need the most.

Sign up for animal transport

Pet rescues need vehicles to transport animals to shelters, foster homes or new pet parents. You can donate a car or volunteer to drive it on behalf of the rescue agency. These services are crucial, because pet rescues often can’t afford the gas, mileage and number of vehicles it takes to get animals where they need to go.

It’s no exaggeration to say animal transport can save many lives. Volunteers save animals from euthanasia by driving them to shelters or rescues where they’re more likely to become adopted. Pet rescues also need drivers to bring sick or injured animals to vet clinics for medical treatment. You can choose to donate the car itself, make short trips around town or even take your travels across the country.

Volunteer at your local rescue

There are plenty of volunteer options for animal lovers who don’t want to rack up mileage on their cars. Rescue staff could always use an extra pair of hands to complete chores around their facilities. You can sign up to clean cages, feed animals or walk dogs. If you’re more interested in advocacy work, offer to help run adoption events or manage the rescue’s social media pages. Volunteering your time is a great alternative if you can’t afford monetary donations.


Support rescues with AmazonSmile

You can still donate money to a pet rescue without dipping into your monthly budget. Amazon runs a program called AmazonSmile that lets you donate without spending extra money. When you shop on the company’s website, AmazonSmile will donate 0.5 percent of qualifying purchases to whichever pet rescue you want. The program has over a million charities to choose from, so you can rest easy knowing your cash will go to a pet in need.

AmazonSmile is a great option for animal lovers on a tight budget because the money you spend on groceries, clothes and other essentials goes directly to your favorite organization. The program won’t charge you a donation fee, either. While 0.5 percent isn’t a lot, if you already shop on Amazon, you might as well take advantage of the donation opportunity.

Place money in your will for a rescue

A monetary donation might not be in the cards right now, but you can donate to a pet rescue in the future. Some animal lovers choose to set aside a portion of their estate for their favorite rescue agency. They write pet rescues into their wills to ensure stored funds go to a worthy cause. If you go this route, be sure to name the rescue organization rather than a specific person who volunteers there. That way, you can guarantee the funds stay with the organization.

Money isn’t the only way to help rescue animals in need. Several avenues are available that let you donate time, energy and supplies. If you want to donate money, programs are in place to make that happen without compromising your financial stability. Whether it’s money or another resource, you always have something to give!