How Princess Molly overcomes canine liver disease and stomach tumor

How Princess Molly overcomes canine liver disease and stomach tumor

This is our Miracle Molly, aka Princess Molly. Two years ago, at age four, Molly became extremely ill, not eating and bleeding out of her bottom. Ultrasound indicated a stomach tumor and she was taken in for an emergency surgery called stomach resection and was given a 50/50 chance of surviving the operation.  

Once the vet had her open, he discovered it wasn't her stomach, but her liver was enlarged. They biopsied her liver and lymph nodes. The results came back as T-cell Lymphosarcoma, a deadly aggressive cancer. Being that it was in the liver and lymph nodes put it at stage 4.  

Chemo was $4,000 and the vet said it would only extend her life four to six months.  I felt she had been through enough with the surgery and that the side effects of chemo were not something I wanted to put her through.

Then a friend told me about Milk Thistle for canine liver disease. We looked it up online and found it at Pet Wellbeing. We immediately ordered it along with the cancer support, Life Gold, drops too.  The vet also put her on Prednisone and a low dose antibiotic. We basically were told she had between 10 and 12 weeks to live.  So we made her Princess Molly and let her do whatever she wanted.

She immediately responded to the milk thistle and cancer support drops.  She did so well that I took her off the RX drugs, feeling that if the cancer didn’t kill her the drugs would.  It’s been two years and she shows no sign of illness.  She is now six years old and wakes up every day happy to be alive.  

We believe in our hearts that it was the Milk Thistle that healed her liver and the cancer support drops Life Gold, that protected her from the prednisone.  Some believed it was a misdiagnosis, but I know how sick she was and I saw the ultrasound and biopsy results.

 So she is our little miracle.  She has since hiked up to seven miles and learned to surf too.  She is our reminder of how precious life is. We feel blessed beyond words!

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