How Chewables Make Pet Health Easier to Achieve

How Chewables Make Pet Health Easier to Achieve

Many pet parents recognize the value of pet health supplements. They want to feed supplements to their pets, but too many obstacles stand in the way. Supplements can be expensive, complicated and time-consuming. And if a pet refuses to take their supplements, all that time, money and effort would amount to nothing.

Not all supplements are difficult to give to pets, though. The problem is usually that pet parents buy the wrong types. Pets can get great health benefits when their owners switch to chewable supplements. Chewables taste amazing, and they’re super easy to administer to pets.

Check out all the ways chewable supplements can bolster your pet’s health more easily.

  • Chewables are easy to administer: The biggest advantage to chewable supplements is that pets are much more willing to ingest them compared to pills, tinctures and capsules. Pills are often difficult to swallow and may come with an unpleasant taste. Or, your pet might not be willing to sit still long enough for you to place a dropper in their mouth. Pets love chewables because their smell, texture and taste are pleasing to the palette. This makes it much easier to give pets the nutrients they need.
  • Your pet will get more nutrients: Chewables can be more effective than other types of supplements because your pet is more likely to swallow them. Finicky pets might spit out pills hidden in treats or their regular food. Every time they spit out a pill, they’re missing out on essential nutrients that can improve their health. Pet parents tend to see better results with chewables because they have a higher rate of success with administering them compared to other types of supplements.
  • They save time for busy pet parents: Many pet parents don’t administer supplements because they simply don’t have the time to do so. It often takes several tries to pill a pet or sneak the capsule into a treat because so many pets resist the administration process. For many, administering supplements takes up too much time in their already hectic schedules. Chewables are a no-fuss way of giving supplements to pets that can put a lot of time back in your daily routine. Thanks to their aromatic flavors, pets will gladly scarf down their chewables in seconds!
  • Chewables require zero preparation: Pet parents might avoid administering supplements because they believe it’s too much of a hassle. They’d have to load the pill gun and carefully aim it at the back of their pet’s mouths, all without the pets biting or scratching their hands. Others go to great lengths to hide pills in bananas, peanut butter or pumpkin puree. Unlike pills and capsules, chewable supplements come with zero prep work. Simply open the container and toss a chewable to your pet!
  • You don’t have to measure a dose: Many pet parents choose tinctures as an alternative to pills or capsules because they’re easier to swallow. The downside to giving your pet a tincture is that you have to measure the dose just right. A dose that’s too high or too low can hamper the effectiveness of the supplement. By contrast, chewables make it very easy to give your pet the right dose. A vet can tell you how many chewables your pet should eat per day. All you have to do is take the right number of chewables out of the container.
  • Chewables can save you money: Supplements can be costly. Aside from the supplements themselves, pills and capsules often require additional purchases like a pill gun, a pill cutter or pill pockets. Pet parents might avoid giving supplements if they can’t afford to pay these extra costs. Since chewables are easy to swallow, you don’t need to buy all the stuff that accompanies other types of supplements. Pets are happy to eat their chewables without the help of extra gadgets or treats.
  • They’re great for food-motivated pets: Pets are often reluctant to take supplements that don’t taste very good. Even pets who eat everything in their paths may turn up their noses at pills, tinctures and capsules. You can make the administration process a whole lot easier by offering your pet a chewable supplement. Chewables are designed to have the same smell, taste and texture of treats. They make it very easy for food-motivated pets to get their daily dose of nutrients.

Giving supplements to your pet doesn’t have to be a struggle—for you or your pet. If pills, tinctures and capsules are too difficult, then chewable supplements could be the right solution. Chewables are cost-effective, save you time and increase the nutrients going into your pet’s body. Don’t let the hassle of administrating supplements get in the way of your pet’s health!