Helping Mushu, the old grumpy cat, to feel joyful and healthy after Feline Diabetes

Helping Mushu, the old grumpy cat, to feel joyful and healthy after Feline Diabetes

When Dan was asked to temporarily look after Mushu for a year, he happily accepted the owner’s offer. Dan hadjust lost a beloved cat, and Mushu would soothe his healing heart. Or so he thought. “Mushu was not a friendly kitty as I quickly found out,�? remembers this cat lover based in St. Albert, Alberta. “He was big, 18 pounds, and a biter.�?

Mushu also came to his new home with health issues. Dan took him to the vet who suspected the feisty kitty had diabetes. The vet wanted to take blood samples but Mushu did not agree to the procedure. “The only blood that was obtained was the vet’s and his assistant,�? Dan remembers.

Dan thought he’d better find a different solution to address Mushu’s diabetes problem. What could he do for an overweight angry kitty that foster dad describes as “nasty-tempered�??  

Although diabetes was never officially diagnosed, Dan went online and discovered Blood Sugar Gold - natural support for Feline Diabetes from Pet Wellbeing. He started giving Mushu the treatment by adding drops of herbal medicine, and very quickly, dad was amazed with the results!

Four years later, “Mushu is still the poster child for obese kitties,�? Dan says jokingly. “But Mushu is friendlier and happier and I would say without a doubt that this product has kept him healthy and happy and will for as long as he lives!"

Mushu’s previous owner actually never claimed Mushu back, to the delight of Dan and his beloved kitty, who now enjoy a happy life together, with no more biting and the "grumpy" Cat-titude! (Received by 7th Heaven from St. Albert, AB, March 30, 2016)

Pet Wellbeing offers safe and effective natural options made by Holistic Veterinarians, as well as timely customer service seven-days a week. Please note: we can also recommend a holistic vet in your area, however we cannot diagnose a pet over the phone. 

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Please note: Feline Diabetes is particularly common in obese older cats. Cats who have diabetes may need insulin or simply dietary management. Blood Sugar Gold is excellent to help support your cat for this condition, but not a substitute for insulin.

Natural Support For Diabetes In Cats:

  • Helps maintain eye and liver health
  • Supports healthy triglycerides
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • Supports Normal Serum Insulin Levels

Order Blood Sugar Gold today and help support your cats blood sugar levels.

About Feline Diabetes mellitus

Diabetes results when a cat's pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. Sugars build up in the bloodstream rather than entering the body’s tissues where they would otherwise provide energy. (This is why diabetic cats are often lethargic.) Excess sugar in the bloodstream can lead to several other conditions, including heart, liver and kidney disease, increased infections, slow healing, cataracts, blindness, etc.

Diabetes is more common in:

  • Male cats, generally
  • Cats fed a diet of dry kibble, only
  • Overweight cats
  • Middle-aged and older felines

Common symptoms of Feline Diabetes mellitus include:

  • Increased thirst, frequent urination
  • Weakness, lethargy
  • Signs of pain in the abdomen
  • Cataracts (eyes cloudy rather than clear)
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle wasting

Diagnosing and treating Feline Diabetes learn more here: