Gift Your Cat a Beautiful Coat for the Holidays

Gift Your Cat a Beautiful Coat for the Holidays

One of a cat’s best features is his or her soft, fuzzy, shiny coat. When our cats leap up to cuddle, it’s a joy to pet their soft fur while giving them endless love and affection.

But, when your cat’s coat or skin begins to look dry or dull, more than mere aesthetics can be affected. Fortunately, there are multiple ways you can help bring back that shine this holiday season and give your furry friend the gift of a beautiful coat.

Coats are nourished from the inside out

One of the best ways you can help your kitty grow a beautiful, shiny coat and maintain healthy skin is by gifting them natural supplements for the holidays. The reason for this is because healthy, nourished coats start from within! Supplements can give your cat all the nutrients their body needs to alleviate dryness and add extra shine from natural oils.

A cute grey tabby cat sits under a Christmas tree

Try one or both of these supplements if your pet’s coat is looking dull:

  • Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are some of the top supplements for a beautiful skin and coat. These fatty acids help improve the water permeability barrier of skin while adding extra shine in fur. Omega-3s are also great at reducing inflammation of the skin, which can help alleviate itchiness and dryness if your pet has allergies or is susceptible to skin irritations.
  • Nutritional supplements: In addition to omega-3 fatty acids, cats need a host of other nutrients—including omega-6 fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins and more—to maintain a healthy coat and skin. Although most cats will get these nutrients from their food, some cats might need a little extra dose of nutrients to ensure their coat and skin get as nourished as possible. An all-encompassing nutritional supplement can help make up for the nutrients your cat might be lacking.

A healthy coat goes beyond appearance

Helping your cat maintain a healthy coat and skin for the holidays goes far beyond how your cat looks. A poorly maintained coat or dry, inflamed skin are actually indicators of poor health in cats. Typically, the appearance of the coat and skin will suffer if there are nutritional deficiencies or an underlying health problem.

Additionally, not maintaining your cat’s skin or coat can lead to other problems like infections. Dry, itchy skin can cause cats to over-groom, licking the skin until a hot spot or lesion appears. These lesions can get infected and cause other health problems. Ensuring your cat’s skin and coat are healthy and nourished can reduce the risk of your kitty developing painful infections or other skin problems that can be uncomfortable—and costly—down the road.

Therefore, this holiday season, you can show your pet you care about their looks and their health by gifting them a gorgeous coat and comfortable, healthy skin.

Other ways to pamper your pet

Although natural supplements are some of the best ways to help nourish your cat’s beautiful coat from the inside out, there are a few other ways you can help your cat’s coat look great and make your furry friend feel pampered.

An orange cat enjoys getting brushed by his owner

  • Daily brushing: Brushing your cat’s coat once a day has multiple benefits. First, daily brushing helps to remove dead hairs while distributing your cat’s natural oils throughout the fur, helping it stay shiny and strong. It’s also useful for reducing the risk of mats, which can lead to skin infections and hair loss if left unchecked. The second benefit is the that daily brushing gives your pet some one-on-one bonding time with you, which can help them feel loved and cared for. A new brush designed for your cat’s specific type of fur is a great holiday gift idea that you’ll put to use over the course of the whole year.
  • Fewer baths: For cats, not getting a bath is a gift in and of itself. But not bathing your cat actually has benefits for their skin, too. Since cats are fastidious self-groomers, they don’t need baths to stay clean—unless, of course, they get into a huge mess! Washing your cat’s coat and skin with shampoo can actually dry it out, potentially leading to dryness, dullness and skin flaking. Give your cat some peace of mind and avoid bathing him or her unless you absolutely have to.

Cats with healthy skin and soft, shiny fur don’t just look good—they feel good! Your cat having a gorgeous coat means they are healthy, their bodies are getting the right nutrients and they aren’t itchy or uncomfortable in their own skin. Giving your kitty natural supplements and other grooming gifts for the holidays is sure to show them you love them.