Finding Relief for Kiya the Pug's Unexpected Cushing's Disease

Finding Relief for Kiya the Pug's Unexpected Cushing's Disease

Kiya is not your ordinary pug. In all her 11 years she has lived life on her own terms, and just when you think you have her figured out, she will keep you guessing. When some unexpected side effects of medication for a completely unrelated diagnosis lead to Cushing’s Disease, her situation went from rough to worse. Fortunately, her parents took the advice of a friend  on an herbal remedy and made life just a little smoother. Sometimes it’s not easy being an unpredictable pug!

Don’t let Kiya’s innocent look fool you, this ornery little gal rules the house as Queen of the Castle. But when you least expect it she’ll be in your lap looking for snuggles. Her castle, her rules! Have you ever seen a dog pass up a meaty treat for a tomato? Well, Kiya will go digging through grocery bags to get at them. She certainly is anything but a normal pug, and her parents love her all the more for it. 

Most pet parents have experienced the confusion and heartbreak of watching their furbaby suffer without knowing what to do! Imagine how distraught Kiya’s parents were when she stopped acting like herself, became very sick, and was really not doing  well. After six months of vet visits and sleepless, tearful nights, her parents finally received her painful diagnosis: Kiya had a mass on the right side of her brain.

To treat this cerebral intruder, Kiya’s vet put her on a daily dose of the steroid Prednisone. On top of an already daily dose of Doxy for her bronchitis, she was now taking a serious amount of steroids. What many pet parents don’t realize is that quite often these medications lead to a common illness called Cushing’s disease. This results from an excess of hormones created by a now hyperactive adrenal gland.  Most pups with Cushing’s first indicate that something is wrong through increased thirst and appetite, frequent urination, loss of hair, skin & coat problems, and a swollen belly. If left untreated, Cushing's disease can lead to other conditions like diabetes and heart problems.

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Sure enough, the pot belly and thinning hair appeared. Even though Kiya and her brother eat excellent foods, the overall condition of her coat was very poor and her little, swollen belly was sad to see. As if a brain mass wasn’t already enough to deal with? Available conventional therapies usually mean  more medication and even invasive surgery. Only, Kiya’s parents were very aware that this additional disease could be a possibility and they were ready. After reading enough negative reviews about the prescribed medication for Cushing’s, it was clear that Kiya’s folks were not about to put her on another prescription.  They knew there had to be something else out there.

A trusted friend’s advice saved the day when Kiya’s family was recommended  Adrenal Harmony Gold. This formula was developed by a holistic veterinarian to bring out the therapeutic actions of adaptogenic and antioxidant herbal ingredients to support the nervous system. These herbs are particularly suited to targeting the adrenal glands and their functions, but also exert an effect on the pituitary and hypothalamus glands. Adaptogens are a classification of herbs considered to support the adrenals, helping the body adapt naturally to stress, producing normal, healthy levels of cortisol. Unlike drugs, adaptogens will not stimulate or depress adrenal function but, rather, help the adrenals normalize their hormone production.

“Vets need to be "prescribing" this miracle!” - Bobbie, Kiya's mom

After the product was ordered and delivered, Kiya started taking these herbal drops every day in addition to her regular meds. Within a week, the pot belly was miraculously all but gone! Her hair, while still a little thin, became softer than it had ever been. The hair loss slowed remarkably and already some regrowth seemed to be in progress. She was getting back to her old, regal self again. In fact, Adrenal Harmony Gold worked so effectively that not long after Kiya found some relief, her little Pomeranian brother started to take it for his Cushing’s symptoms, too. A whole family’s worth of wellbeing!