Discover How Senior Cat Overcame Cancer with Life Gold - Natural Cancer Support

Discover How Senior Cat Overcame Cancer with Life Gold - Natural Cancer Support

Unfortunately, feline cancer is common in senior cats but fortunately this customer story has a happy ending:

"Almost three years ago, we received a phone call from our Vet informing us that our beloved cat, 'Happy' had a maximum of two weeks left to live, we were devastated.  Diagnosed with stomach and intestinal cancer, we felt overwhelmed and scared.  Happy, is our oldest 10-year-old cat. Luckily, we knew about Pet Wellbeing, which is a great, reliable company. We found Life Gold on the website, and we actually felt a little skeptical but all the positive stories and reviews gave us hope! We've ordered LIFE GOLD drops right away.

 After a few days his symptoms improved dramatically. Happy stopped vomiting, his diarrhea disappeared and he started gaining weight again.  Even our vet couldn't believe his recovery! 

The next day, our Vet phoned us and said that our 'Happy', 10-year-old cat is Cancer-free. OMG!

Today, Happy is living cancer-free! We called Pet WellBeing to share our happy news and wrote excellent reviews. Now, my Happy has developed arthritis because he is getting even older now. I will be treating him with Agile Joints. We are very thankful for your customer service and great products. It seems that you have everything we need to keep our cat, healthy and happy!"

Natural support for Cats with Cancer:

You have talked to your vet and they have told you what your options are.  For certain cancers there are conventional treatments that may help, but in most cases the prognosis does not leave you with many options.

However any type of cancer weakens your cat's immune system, limiting his or her body's natural ability to fight cancerous cells.

Keep your cat's immune system strong and his/her mood positive and you will support the ability to deal with cancer. You’ll also keep him or her happier and more comfortable!

What is Life Gold?

Life Gold is a proprietary formula developed for cats when their quality of life has been compromised.  More immune system and anti-oxidant protection may be needed at this time.  Cats with a suppressed immune system can be more at-risk for the increased effects of oxidative damage.  In the later stages of damage, there may be signs such as weight loss, lack of appetite, weakness, unexplained vomiting, abnormal growths or swellings, and many other symptoms depending on the area(s) affected.  If you see any of these symptoms or anything else that concerns you, seek the advice of a veterinarian immediately.

With knowledge that draws on both traditional and scientific research of herbs, we have engineered an all-natural extract using herbs from around the world. This product really is GOLD when your pet's quality of life needs support! Life Gold supports your pet's long-term vitality.

Consider our Cancer Support Kit for Cats to help to manage the symptoms of feline cancer with 2 products: Life Gold and Nu-Pet Feline Antioxidant comprehensive treatment contains (3 month supply for most cats) guaranteed to improve your cat's life!

To order and learn more, visit Product Page for Cancer Support Kit 

Did you know that all cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they require quality protein and taurine (amino acid that is found in natural dietary sources) every day?

There are a variety of very healthy diets for cats. “Biologically-appropriate�? is a term we often hear. For many years, most cat foods available were not the most appropriate for a carnivore’s needs: high in grains or highly processed corn or soy products.

The best diet for a cat is also one that fits the lifestyle and budget of the people who care for the cat. For example, a raw or homemade diet may be fantastic but not everyone is willing to prepare or defrost the raw meat/fish.

Premium Holistic Formula is an excellent choice: No corn, wheat, soy, dyes or by-products, and no GMOs!

It can be fed as the cat’s entire diet. It can be used to supplement or provide variety to other diets.

You can also feed it as an occasional “Treat!�? because (almost all) cats go nuts for this food! This is why you will see "Eat, Play, Love" on the product, because this pet food formula keeps your pet feeling happy, healthy and playful!

What is in Premium Holistic Formula?

  • Only human-grade meat and fish goes into Premium Holistic Formula.
  • No animal byproducts or “leftovers�?.
  • “Untainted�? vitamins and minerals from trusted sources.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids from algae sources. Microalgae is the most sustainable source of EPA and DHA – it is only because fish eat microalgae that they contain Omega-3’s!
  • We source local meat so we know where it comes from. No antibiotics or hormones.
  • one of the ingredients are genetically modified organisms (GMO).

It Gets Better…

  • No artificial preservatives.
  • Protein, fat and caloric density is ideal for most cats.
  • Balanced for all life stages.
  • Cat owners report less allergy symptoms when feeding a grain-free diet.
  • Cranberries support a healthy urinary tract.
  • Quality Control: continual testing by an independent lab.
  • Made in the U.S.A.