Discover How Kidney Support Gold Miraculously Saves Near-death Older Cat From Kidney Disease

Discover How Kidney Support Gold Miraculously Saves Near-death Older Cat From Kidney Disease

I would love to share the story of one of our three cats: Leo. Leo was a feral kitty found under a bridge late 2005. We adopted him from a shelter in March 2006, and our lives immediately changed, mostly for me, since Leo was my first real pet, and we almost lost him to cat kidney disease.

In 2010, when Leo was five years old, he was diagnosed with feline diabetes. We were devastated. We thought we were feeding him the best food since it was recommended by our vet, but this food was literally killing him! We had to buy insulin and needles and blindly give him injections twice a day! This was extremely frustrating because we just knew we'd have to do this for life.

He was so young, and giving him up or letting him die was not an option.  I conducted some research and fed him a more appropriate diet (low carbs, high protein), and he was able to come off insulin completely after three months of monitoring his blood sugar.

Fast forward and now he's 10 years old. He now has kidney and liver issues. He was near death when we went on vacation in October 2015. We left for four days, and our pet sitter said he didn't eat during those days. People say cats have nine lives...well after diabetes and these new issues, I'd say he was down to seven lives left!

I did some research to find out what natural remedies or supplements were out there to help my cat's liver and kidneys, and that's how I found Pet Wellbeing. We decided to give him Kidney Support Gold and Milk Thistle.

This crazy cat was quickly back to being rambunctious and energetic. This cat is so special to me because he stayed by my side and loved me while I experienced two miscarriages in 2015. I tried to shoo him away from me, but he stayed and snuggled right next to me.

"I'm so happy to have found your supplements. They have made a world of difference in his life.  I'm looking forward to many more years with this special kitty." 

Cat kidney disease natural support

Pet Wellbeing Recommendations:

Kidney Support Gold – Cat Kidney Disease Support 

Supports normal and stable kidney function and helps maintain:

  • Energy levels
  • Urination and thirst (hydration)
  • Appetite and weight
  • General vitality
  • Immune support

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Milk Thistle - healing herb for pets

Natural support for liver disease in cats
  • Helps maintain liver health in cats
  • Health support during use of drugs (like chemotherapy)
  • Helps support regeneration of damaged liver cells

Guaranteed to help your cat’s liver

  • No known side effects:  gentle for long-term use
  • 1 bottle = 2oz (59ml) 1 bottle is a 3 month supply for most cats