Discover Fast Relief for Itching Pets: Skin Allergies & Hot Spots

Discover Fast Relief for Itching Pets: Skin Allergies & Hot Spots

Skin conditions due to allergies are an increasingly common disorder in pets and are one of the most frequent causes for visits to the veterinarian. The itching may be all over of your pet's body or localized in one area. If repeated scratching causes the skin to break, this can create an opportunity for an infection.

Rather than mask or temporarily suppress the symptoms, we recommend a natural support for a healthy immune response to your pets' allergens.

If you are wondering what to do when your pet presents allergies, the following  customer success stories can offer timely encouragement and reassurance that you too can find fast and effective relief for your pets!

My poor lab couldn’t stand it any more. This lab/shepherd mix was itching constantly and felt miserable . The dog’s mama wanted to help him, and took him to the vet in Sacramento, her home city in California.

“Our vet diagnosed allergies and prescribed very expensive meds that made our dog drowsy," says itchy dog’s mom.

She did her own research to explore what else she could do to help her itching doggy. She came across Itch Support Gold, decided there was nothing to use, and ordered the product. Mom religiously added the drops to the dog’s kibbles in the morning and the evening.

“So happy I did," she says. After only a week, the itching stopped. “it made such a huge difference, and it was such a relief for all of us," mom says.

“I love it that it worked so quickly and so well and that it is natural. I highly recommend it if your dog has itching and allergies."

This mom is not the only one who could bring relief to their dogs’ skin allergies with Itch Support Gold. In other parts of the country, dogs have been able to get rid of the awful itching. “What a terrific product," says Tommy in Houston, Texas. Rocket, his dog, had such intense itching that it resulted in many hot spots on his skin. Shortly after giving Rocket the Itch Support Gold drops and mixing them his food with some chicken and dry food, Rocket stopped itching!

“He eats it right up and there has been no side effects to speak of," says Rocket’s dad. “We are thrilled that this itch formula was recommended to us."

Informative testimonial from Anna, owner of two beautiful dogs living in British Columbia, Canada:

"When my dog has hot spots due to allergies, I trim the hair all around the area to prevent the hair from irritating the wound. I wash the area thoroughly with a gentle antibacterial/antifungal soap called Hibitane (there are generic brands) that is available over the counter at many pharmacies. I do this twice per day using the solution straight and then wiping clean very gently with a warm cloth. Before bed, I apply Itchy Owie Ointment so it can work its magic overnight. I repeat this process for several days until the hotspots have cleared! My dogs love "Itchy Owie" from Pet Wellbeing!" 

Reviews received by Dog and Cat Mama, Sacramento, California, August 19, 2016 and by Tommy, Houston Texas, April 11, 2016 and Anna from Vancouver, Canada.

Natural Solution for Seasonal Allergies (ATOPY)

Anything that makes your pet’s skin itchy or scratchy (including food allergies) is connected to the underlying imbalance, therefore from a holistic perspective to create balance we must restore health from the inside out.

Pet Wellbeing's holistic formulation:  Itch Support Gold is a drug-free alternative that addresses the physiological mechanisms that cause the skin (including on the paws) to become uncomfortable, red, and sometimes unbearably itchy. It works for hot spots, itching, scratching and itchy paws caused by a known or unknown allergy, without the harmful side effects commonly associated with long-term use of prescription medications.

Itch Support Gold's herbal liquid formula works synergistically to decrease itchiness, whether it is pervasive or only in certain areas. The components of this formula of nine herbal ingredients address, and helps to relieve, the underlying causes that produce symptoms of itchy and irritated skin, bringing fast relief for dogs and cats!
Note: Most dogs will not react to the compounds they encounter in the home or outdoors, so what can cause skin allergies or sensitivities? For dogs that have a sensitive immune system, the most common allergens are environmental allergens (contact allergy or atopy), food allergens, flea allergy or a secondary reaction from another health issue.

Examples of Common Allergens:

  • Pollens and grasses
  • Dust, dust mites and molds
  • Fragrances and other chemicals including those found in most laundry detergents, dog shampoos and household cleaners
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Prescription medication (including flea medication or medicated flea products)
  • Insect bites (including fleas)
  • Dander and feathers (may be in pillows, duvets or bedspreads)
  • Foods such as dairy products, beef products, soy, wheat, corn, chicken and chicken by-products
  • Foods or treats containing food coloring

Does Your Pet Suffer from Allergies?

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