Diet and Hair Essentials: the right choice for no hair loss

Diet and Hair Essentials: the right choice for no hair loss

Neo who lives in Burlington, Ontario, was living with a receding hair line, but was also experiencing a moderate degree of baldness. He looked for a product that would help him fight hair loss, and he came across Hair Essentials.

At first, Neo was skeptical about Hair Essentials and the product's ability to fight hair loss. So he did his homework before trying the product. He examined the ingredients contained in the product and confirmed with other sources the ingredients’ benefits. He felt more comfortable after doing the research, and decided to give it a try.

After using Hair Essentials for three months, Neo was not disappointed with the results.

“I have realized that the healthy sebum levels of my scalp have improved dramatically even though my hair did not thicken as much,” he reports.

After six months, the changes were even more noticeable, and Neo does not experience as much hair loss.

“I noticed much faster hair growth,” he says.

Neo also made changes to his lifestyle and specifically switched to a healthier diet.

“I realized the importance to eat a very wholesome diet so that your body will not be feeding itself as much off the ingredients that are required for hair stimulation.”