Daisy the Greyhound Finds Life Again After Kidney Disease

Daisy the Greyhound Finds Life Again After Kidney Disease

Rescue pups often have the world stacked up against them. That is until their forever family finds them and changes everything. When Daisy the greyhound was finally taken in, her new home gave her a new lease on life, and quite literally saved it a few years later.

When Daisy was rescued five years ago she was almost as skinny as she was scared, which was unhealthy even by greyhound standards. With lots of love, soft beds, toys, and walks twice a day, this skittish pup has come out of her shell to become the beautiful loving dog she is today. At eight years old, she still loves her walks, especially when they involve outings in the car with her mom.

It wasn’t until six months ago that the tell-tale sign of an unhealthy dog started to show up again: weight loss. On top of not eating, poor Daisy was extremely lethargic to the point that it became clear that something serious was going on. A necessary visit to the vet proved to be a startling revelation. After testing some of Daisy’s blood, the vet returned with the unfortunate diagnosis. Daisy was experiencing Stage 3 kidney failure.

When a dog’s kidneys stop functioning properly or fail, the presence of toxins starts to build up in the blood and can lead to illness and disease. It is estimated that kidney disease will affect 10% of all dogs at some point in their lives. Specifically, a dog’s Stage 3 kidney failure (like Daisy’s) indicates a moderate failure with some signs of illness, especially increased water consumption and urination. The situation is not good by any means, but there is definitely some hope of effective treatment. And Daisy’s family was not about to lose hope!

Daisy the brindle greyhound sits on the couch playing with a toy

Like any pet parent would, Daisy’s mom began researching every available option to combat her poor baby’s situation. It ended up being an overwhelmingly positive review section that caught her eye. In all of her many internet searches, Daisy’s mom found herself on the page for Pet Wellbeing’s Kidney Support Gold and an a-ha moment took hold. With so many positive stories from other dogs who had found support during their kidney failure, she figured, “why not give it a go?” and placed an order then and there.

It didn’t take long for Daisy to become a totally different dog. Not only did she start eating again and putting on a healthy amount of weight, but her loving personality came back. Her family found that they had their old beloved greyhound back again.

“We know it's not a fix but it has certainly made a difference to Daisy’s life. She has life back in her eyes.” - Daisy's mom

Now she can be found playing with her toys again and having fun with her little whippet brother Ollie. Even the vet specialist can’t believe how much better her blood levels are. Daisy’s parents know this isn’t a cure for kidney failure, but living with less severe symptoms is a much happier experience indeed. They know that reclaiming her quality of life is definitely something worth celebrating.