Coping with grief

Coping with grief

MaryJean recently lost her husband after a long and exhausting illness. She was so emotionally and physically exhausted that she had extreme difficulty dealing with grief.

“While grief is natural after a death of a loved one, I am not one to give in to such stress as much as I did. But the loss of a mate after a long and good life together is extreme,” says this resident of Sonoma, California.

MaryJean saw an ad for Anxiety and Stress Essentials and thought she would give it a try.

“I needed something and I certainly didn't want to use drugs,” she says.

Since then the product has significantly helped MaryJean cope with stress and anxiety.

I am amazed at how well it works,” she says.

"I still use it whenever I feel jittery and upset."

MaryJean has already re-ordered a supply to have it on hand.

It doesn't cure the situation, but it does make it easier to deal with what needs to be done.”