Charitable Season is Coming: Animal Rescues Deserve Your Donation

Charitable Season is Coming: Animal Rescues Deserve Your Donation

The winter holidays are almost here. Now is the time to visit loved ones and focus on what’s most important. As we open our hearts to those around us, many are opening their wallets, too. Money is limited, and there are so many deserving charities to choose from! People look for organizations they’re passionate about and that will make the most of their donations.

An animal rescue can offer both. As you sign that check, consider the many reasons why rescue organizations are worth every single penny.

  • The rescue can help more animals: The number of animals a rescue organization can help is defined by how many resources they have. Monetary donations help animal rescues attain what they need—more food, more veterinary care, more of everything. Money allows them to expand their pool of resources and bring more animals into the organization. When rescues have a greater capacity to help animals in need, strays and abused animals have a better shot at finding their forever homes.
  • Money helps provide healthcare: Every animal at rescue organizations has to be microchipped, spayed/neutered and vaccinated. On top of that, many cats and dogs require extra medical attention to treat injuries, infection and lifelong conditions or disabilities. Animal rescues depend on monetary donations from generous individuals so they can provide healthcare to fur babies in need. A lot of rescues don’t allow adoptions to take place until they’ve gone through all the necessary medical procedures. Besides, your donation could help pay for life-saving treatment!
  • Local rescues need help, too: A lot of people direct their donations toward nationally recognized rescue organizations. They focus on the big names and forget there are local rescues right in their own communities! The problem is, local animal rescues don’t get nearly as much publicity. National organizations are more than deserving, but so are the animals close to home. By making a local donation, you get to see for yourself where that money is going. Plus, your donation can spread the word and encourage your neighbors to follow suit.
  • Rescues get limited municipal funds: Most animal rescues are privately owned. That means they depend almost entirely on donations from animal lovers like you to keep their operations running. Rescue organizations are considered lucky if they receive a check from the local government. Rescues don’t have a steady stream of funds coming from anywhere, which is why they could use all the help they can get. Keep the funds rolling in by signing up for a recurring monthly donation or telling everyone you know about the organization.


  • Rescue pets need a playmate: If you’re tight on cash, fear not—there are plenty of other ways to help! Animal rescues are always in need of volunteers. Donate your time by offering to play with the fur babies. Exercise has mood-boosting benefits for the animals and keeps them mentally stimulated. Playtime gives rescue pets a break from staying cooped up in the kennel all day. Human contact can also help socialize strays and traumatized animals so they’re used to interacting with people before undergoing the adoption process.
  • Rescues are spread thin on supplies: Rescue organizations are overflowing with animals that need homes. When the kennels are filled to maximum capacity, there’s not always enough resources to go around. Rescues look for donations of basic necessities like food, bedding, toys, leashes and crates. Check to see if your local rescue has a wish list on their website so you can tailor your donation toward what they need the most. Animal rescues often accept both new and used supplies, so if you’re a proud pet parent, they’ll be happy to take that old cat carrier off your hands!
  • Every little bit helps: Many people don’t see the point in donating if they only have a little cash to spare. But something is always better than nothing! If every person in your community chipped in, all those little donations would start to add up. Same goes for volunteering—rescues could always use more animal lovers to help clean crates and scoop poop. By completing smaller tasks, the staff at rescue organizations can put their time and energy toward more pressing matters like matching future owners with the right animals.

The holidays are the perfect opportunity for people to open up their hearts and see just how much animal rescues depend on kindness to carry out their mission. We may be in the season of giving, but animal lovers are welcome to donate their time, money and supplies all year long. While volunteering at the local rescue, you might even meet the perfect furry friend for your family. After all, a forever home is the best donation anyone can give!