Celebrate Your Special Pup This National Rescue Dog Day

Celebrate Your Special Pup This National Rescue Dog Day

Pet parents with rescue dogs know how special it is to save a life. Rescue dogs are more than their troubled past—they’re a testament to resiliency, second chances and unconditional love. We have much to learn from these brave pups! That’s why everyone should celebrate and help as many rescue dogs as they can.

To draw awareness to this important cause, May 20th recently became National Rescue Dog Day. Celebrate the holiday by supporting canine companions at home and in your community.

The history of National Rescue Dog Day

Plenty of pups have needed saving. While dogs have suffered neglect for quite some time, National Rescue Dog Day has only been around for just a few short years. In 2018, an author named Lisa Wiehebrink founded the holiday to honor her very own rescue pup and others around the world. Wiehebrink writes children’s books and runs a nonprofit called Tails That Teach, both of which are aimed at teaching kids respect and unconditional love for dogs.

May 20th became National Rescue Dog Day because Wiehebrink recognized how many lovable pups were holed up in shelters. So many dogs are rescued from abusive environments, but they have nowhere to go. This holiday is intended to dismantle the stigma surrounding rescue dogs and give them a second chance at life.

Why rescue pups are worth celebrating

Rescues are no different than any other pup. Too many prospective owners shy away from adopting rescue dogs because they don’t want to deal with the baggage of a traumatic past. But unwanted behaviors are due to circumstances beyond their control. A dog’s anxiety or aggression has nothing to do with their personality! When dogs are placed in loving homes, they can overcome the trauma and prove to be the sweetest pups out there.

Animal lovers everywhere should celebrate rescue pups because they need kindness in their lives. National Rescue Dog Day brings awareness to the countless pups living in shelters and rescue facilities. The more people know about the problem, the more rescue pups get matched with their forever homes. Adopting rescue dogs can undo the injustice of animal cruelty one life at a time.

The love of a rescue pup holds extra meaning. Dogs are intelligent creatures, and they recognize when people save them from abusive environments. While rescue dogs have trauma to work through, seeing them break out of their shell is that much more rewarding. Overcoming challenges from the past will only strengthen the bond between pet parents and their pups. Families with rescue dogs are the first to show these pups what trust and unconditional love looks like. Rescue dogs are forever grateful for that!


How to make a difference on this holiday

Don’t let the somber topic of animal cruelty weigh on you too much. National Rescue Dog Day is a time to focus on all the good that owners and rescue agencies are doing to save lives across the country. Here’s what you can do to join their efforts.

  • Share stories on social media: Show the world your adorable rescue pup! Post a picture of them with the hashtag #NationalRescueDogDay, then share the story of how you two came into each other’s lives. Talk about where your pup came from, the agency that saved them and how they overcame a traumatic past. If you don’t own a rescue dog, follow rescue agencies on social media and share their posts. Who doesn’t love photos of happy fur babies?
  • Deliver a care package: Shelters can always use more supplies. Many facilities depend solely on donations, so funds are often spread thin. After paying for vaccines, treatments and spay/neuter procedures, little money is left over for basic necessities. Check your local shelter’s website for a wish list of things like food, toys, blankets and leashes. The staff will be overjoyed at the sight of your box full of goodies!
  • Spend time with pups in need: National Rescue Dog Day is the best time to make pups feel loved. Surprise your fur baby with a new toy, their favorite treat or extra play time. Go a step farther and volunteer at your local shelter or rescue agency. They always need animal lovers to walk, socialize and care for the dogs. Volunteering is a quick way to brighten the lives of rescue pups.

You don’t need to own a rescue dog to celebrate National Rescue Dog Day. There are so many ways to get involved, from spreading awareness to welcoming a new furry member into your family. Rescue agencies need your support, and every little bit helps. Seeing a rescue dog flourish in their new forever home is more than worth it!

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