Celebrate PAWsome Mixed-Breed Dogs!

Celebrate PAWsome Mixed-Breed Dogs!

Many dog lovers have their hearts set on purebred pups. Purebreds are beautiful creatures deserving of love, but mixed-breed dogs offer so many qualities that are often overlooked. The playfulness, loyalty and companionship pet parents crave is easily found in shelter pups with a diverse lineage. Mixed breeds possess everything you want and more in a dog!

Check out these adorable mixed-breed dogs and the traits that make them so special.

The most popular mixed breeds

Purebreds aren’t the only dogs capturing animal lovers’ hearts! Many pet parents adore the unique personalities that stem from mixing two different breeds. There are hundreds of breed combinations to choose from, all with their own history, skills and energy levels. Here are just a few of the most sought-after mixed-breed dogs.


Cockapoos date back to the 1960s as one of the earliest mixed-breed dogs. Breeders combine the Cocker Spaniel’s knack for field hunting with the Poodle’s intelligence and people-oriented nature. Their sweet, gentle temperament makes Cockapoos a wonderful family dog that gets along well with children and other pets. Cockapoos are very loyal companions, which makes them great candidates for emotional support dogs. They have moderate energy and crave challenges, so be prepared to run them through agility courses on a daily basis.


The Goldador is a cross between Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Together, these breeds create an energetic, sweet-tempered pup that aims to please. Goldadors were originally bred to serve as guide, service and bomb detection dogs. They’re highly trainable, which makes them great for first-time pet parents. While Goldadors are ideal family dogs, their roughhousing might be too much for toddlers. This lovable mixed breed requires at least 30 minutes of intense playtime a day, so they’re best suited for owners with free time in their schedules.

Maltese Shih Tzu

This mixed breed was introduced in the 1990s with the goal of creating a hypoallergenic companion. Maltese Shih Tzus shed a very small amount, making them one of the best options for dog lovers with allergies. These dogs are a mix between a Maltese and Shih Tzu, calming the Maltese’s high-strung demeanor with the Shih Tzu’s more laidback personality. They’re a good match for older pet parents because they love to cuddle and easily adjust to a quiet lifestyle. A Maltese Shih Tzu only needs moderate exercise, especially since hot days can be taxing for their squished nasal passages.

The rarest (and cutest) mixed breeds

Pet parents can find a loving companion in the most unexpected breed combinations. These mixed breeds are far less common, and their rare attributes give future owners something special they won’t find anywhere else. Look for these gems at your local animal shelter.


The Corgle is a small breed that descends from Corgis and Beagles. This adorable pup is very playful and gets along nicely with other dogs. For this reason, Corgles are a great choice for families who want to add another furry family member. However, it’s worth noting that Corgles aren’t the best of friends with cats. Corgis are often strong-willed, and Beagles excel at following their noses. These two characteristics make training Corgles a bit of a challenge. If you have dog training experience, you’ll find a friendly, affectionate companion in the Corgle.


Whoodles have the intelligence of Poodles as well as the silky coats and herding abilities of Wheaten Terriers. They grow medium-length fur and don’t shed very much, which makes Whoodles ideal for dog lovers with allergies. Whoodles are super energetic, so make time in your day for long walks and rigorous playtime. This pup loves being around people and doesn’t do very well staying home alone. While they’re very friendly, Whoodles possess leadership qualities that can make them headstrong. Show them you’re in charge, and they’ll learn to obey in time.


The Pomsky, a mix between Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies, is a relatively new dog breed. Breeders will have to produce several more generations with consistent traits before Pomskies are recognized as an official mixed dog breed. Due to their parents’ size differences, Pomskies are bred through artificial insemination—an expensive process that makes these pups pricier than other mixed breeds. The Pomsky’s parents are quite vocal, which creates a pup that likes to make its presence known. Pomskies crave attention and become very attached to their favorite family members.


These are just some of the many mixed-breed dogs you’ll find at rescues and animal shelters. There are tons of other mixed-breed dogs and mutts that have lovable traits of all kinds. Mixed breeds aren’t flawed—their unique combinations of energy, temperament and appearance make these pups perfect in their own right. A mixed-breed dog is out there waiting to come home with you!