Celebrate Dog Mom Appreciation Day Today!

Celebrate Dog Mom Appreciation Day Today!

Dog moms are so important, they deserve their very own holiday! They’re the ones dedicating time and energy to a pup’s wellbeing every single day. Dog moms stick by their pups through the good and the bad. There truly is no love quite like that of a dog mom!

Read below for ways to celebrate you, your pup and dog moms everywhere on May 14, 2022: Dog Mom Appreciation Day.

Why you should celebrate dog moms

Dog Mom Appreciation Day was created by Dig, a dating app for dog lovers. The holiday first launched in 2018, so it’s only been around for a few years! The developers of Dig wanted a day dedicated to dog moms to honor everything they do for their fur babies. From daily walks to vet checkups, dogs can live the life they deserve thanks to their human mothers.

Dog moms aren’t like the typical owner. They don’t just feed, walk and pet their dogs—these nurturing mothers put their dog’s happiness before anything else. Dog moms make sure the pup’s needs are met, all while showering them with love and affection. They give everything a dog could ever want and more. With their selflessness and unconditional love, any pup would be lucky to have a dog mom!

Fun activities for dog moms and their pups

Dog moms deserve a full day of pampering for all their hard work. Here are some fun ways to celebrate Dog Mom Appreciation Day.


  • Dine at a pet-friendly restaurant: Kick off Dog Mom Appreciation Day by taking your fur baby out for brunch. Many restaurants will let pet parents sit on an outdoor patio with their dogs. It’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure they do allow pets. Some eateries might even have a section of their menu dedicated to your canine companion! If you can’t find a pet-friendly restaurant, pack two lunches and visit the park for a picnic.
  • Schedule a play date: There’s no better day to meet up with your fellow dog moms! In honor of Dog Mom Appreciation Day, meet up with friends and their pups for a fun outdoor excursion. Go for a hike along scenic trails or play a game of keep-away on the beach. Play dates offer socialization for both dogs and their moms. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to get out and try something new.
  • Bake homemade puppy treats: Show Fido how much you care by whipping up a batch of homemade dog biscuits. It’s a fun way to switch up your routine, and you might even discover your pup’s new favorite recipe. Homemade treats are much healthier than store-bought ones because they use fresh ingredients like sweet potato, pumpkin and beef. Don’t stress if you mess it up—your dog will scarf it down anyway!
  • Snuggle and watch movies: There’s nothing a pup wants more than to spend time with you. Dogs are perfectly content to flop on the couch as you rub their belly for hours on end. Bring the holiday to a close by watching your favorite movie. A night-long snuggle session is a welcomed change of pace from your usual hectic routine. Dog Mom Appreciation Day is always on a Saturday, so that gives you plenty of time to bond with your pup.

How to help dogs in your community

Plenty of pups are still looking for their dog mom. In addition to spending time with your fur baby, Dog Mom Appreciation Day is also a chance to give back to your community. Here’s what you can do to connect other pups with their future dog moms.

  • Donate time or money: Why limit your love to just one dog? Make an impact on other puppies’ lives by volunteering at your local animal shelter. These facilities always need help cleaning cages, feeding dogs and doling out affection. If you’re too busy to stop by, donate money or ask what supplies they need at the shelter.
  • Become a foster dog mom: This holiday might inspire you to take another furry family member under your wing. Foster homes give dogs a better chance of getting adopted because they learn basic obedience and how to play nicely with others. Fostering is a huge responsibility, so make sure you’re ready before diving right in!

Being a dog mom is trying at times, but it’s even more rewarding. Dogs offer a special kind of love you won’t find anywhere else. Dog moms enjoy a unique bond with their pups, and it’s all thanks to their undying love and commitment. And don’t forget to celebrate Dog Dad Appreciation Day next month!