Cat with warrior spirit, overcomes feline Heart Disease even with weak immune system

Cat with warrior spirit, overcomes feline Heart Disease even with weak immune system

Madi had a rough start in her life. Before she started struggling with heart disease, the kitty caught a poisoned rat when she was just one year old, and she got very sick. The poor kitty survived the ordeal, but her immune system was severely compromised. She contracted ringworm, became quite thin, and lost a lot of hair. It took nearly six months before Madi began to recover, but then she developed an awful, hacking cough.

Heather, a resident of Sedona, Arizona, and Madi’s mom was very worried about her beloved kitty’s condition. She went to Youtube to learn about cats having the same type of cough. “All of the cats that sounded like ours had heart disease,�? she says.

Heather is a a fan of holistic, natural treatments for herself and her family, but she did not know of any holistic vet who could help her feline friend. She was also concerned about the potential cost of testing and treating Madi if she used a regular vet. Heather began researching other ways to heal Madi as naturally as possible and came across Pet Wellbeing. After reading customers’ experience on the website, she decided to buy Young at Heart to help treat Madi’s suspected heart disease.

Within only three or four days, Heather began to see a real improvement in Madi’s cough.

Within a week, Madi’s energy level was amazing. She was running around and playing like a kitten, something we hadn’t seen in a year,�? says the overjoyed mom.

Since Madi is taking Young at Heart, she has seen improvements on a daily basis. “She is almost as healthy as she was prior to catching the poisoned rat,�? Heather indicates.

She gained all of her weight back, her coat is thick with a beautiful cluster She rarely coughs, and if she does, it is barely noticeable and it doesn't last for long,�? mom says. “For less than a vet check with no tests or treatment, our cat is happy and healthy.�? (Review received by Heather from Sedona, Arizona)

Pet Wellbeing offers safe and effective natural options made by Holistic Veterinarians, as well as timely customer service seven-days a week. Please note: we can also recommend a holistic vet in your area, however we cannot diagnose a pet over the phone. 

Young at Heart

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1 bottle is a 4 month supply for most average sized (up to 12lb) cats.

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What is Young at Heart?

Young at Heart is a liquid formula for felines, combining eight unique herbs. Together, these herbs have a gentle action on the body to support the health of the heart muscle, heart valves and blood vessels. Young at Heart is designed to be used every day and can safely be used by cats of all ages, as needed. If your feline is taking prescription medications, please review the precautions.

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