Best friend away from home struggles with dog's heart disease

Best friend away from home struggles with dog's heart disease

When Jennifer moved from the United States to live in a remote part of Southeast Asia, she did not think that she would meet the love of her life. Jennifer met her in the grass. She had only seven teeth and was in poor condition. In a heartbeat, Jennifer decided to take her in and found out about this poor dog's heart disease!

The poor dog had congestive heart failure, a condition that Jennifer believes is linked to poor care and diet. Jennifer’s new companion had been only fed rice and soft foods, which had a significant impact on her health.

With poor vet care available locally, Jennifer was not sure what to do to help her 12-year old friend with heart disease. “Her coughing and lack of energy was heartbreaking,�? mom says. “Not having good care here made us fear the worse for her little life.�?

Jennifer was not going to give up on her little lady. She did a search on the Internet and found "Young at Heart". She immediately ordered two bottles and asked her mom to mail the product form the United States.

Within two weeks, she saw significant improvement in her buddy’s overall health and heart disease. The dog had more energy and was not coughing as much. And the finicky little pooch even agreed to take the treatment without complaining.

The pair can now enjoy a happy life together, and Jennifer is confident that her best friend will live longer. “My furry companion means so much to me when living so far from home.�?

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