At-Home Pet Tech That's Worth Investing In

At-Home Pet Tech That's Worth Investing In

Technology has taken our world by storm. Most of us can’t live without our phones, tablets and computers from day to day because of how connected we are. But have you realized that technology has expanded to cater to our pets, too?

At-home pet tech is a growing industry that is making it easier to care for cats and dogs—especially while we’re away from home. However, not all of it is worth the investment. Here are some of the pet tech products we’re most interested in and that we think can help pet owners take care for their furry friends to the next level.

Pet safety and monitoring

Some of pet owners’ biggest concerns are about the safety and security of their pets, whether they are home with them or not. Securing your home and ensuring your pets are safe and happy has been made much easier thanks to these innovative products.

Pet cameras

High-quality cameras allow pet parents to check up on their cats or dogs while they are at work or out and about. These types of products are particularly ideal for households that have pets with separation anxiety or other behavioral conditions. The wide, high-quality camera angles allow owners to see what their pets are up to at home and ensure they are not into any trouble.

Most of these devices also have two-way audio, meaning pet parents can hear their pets if they are meowing or barking and can even talk to them! Sending your pet a calming message can be a tremendous help in easing a pet’s severe anxiety when it’s home alone.

Many devices also alert pet parents to potentially dangerous events and allow consistent monitoring in case your pet has medical problems. This way, you can know if your pet is in danger and get home to help it as soon as possible. For a lot of pet owners, this level of security is priceless!

Smart pet doors

Norwegian forest cat leaves the house through a Smart pet door

Pet flaps or doggie doors are nice in theory, but many pet owners are rightfully concerned about them because it is so easy for another animal to use them to sneak into the house! This is something that smart pet doors aim to fix.

Smart pet doors are most often controlled by your smartphone and use enhanced technology to monitor your specific pets and let them in and out of the house. Most products track each of your pets using microchip RFID or special tags and keep the doors locked unless one of your pets needs to come in or out.

These types of products can also be set up with schedules, so you can let your dogs out into an enclosed yard even when you aren’t home, then know when they return inside safely.


Pet health

Staying on top of your pet’s health when you have a busy schedule can be challenging, especially if your pet has a known health condition or is predisposed to one. New pet tech is making it easier for pet parents to ensure their pets stay healthy and fit without needing to be home constantly.

Smart feeders

Thirsty orange and white cat drinks from a pet drinking fountain

Some of the most popular pet technology focuses on giving pets food and water when owners aren’t home. Automatic food dispensers let you set a schedule to dispense a specific amount of dry food for your cat or dog. This allows you to maintain a feeding schedule and monitor how much your pet is eating—things that are quite important since inappetence is a major sign of a health problem.

Automatic water dispensers are also great pieces of technology, since they provide a constant stream of fresh water for your cat or dog to enjoy. Running water is often more appealing to pets. This helps them stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day without you needing to return home to refill water bowls for thirsty pets.

Toy tech

Exercise is crucial for both cats and dogs to help them maintain a healthy weight, stay mentally stimulated and avoid boredom-related destruction in the home. Unfortunately, a busy schedule may prevent you from being able to throw a ball or play with a laser for many hours each day.

New toy technology is helping pet parents give their dogs and cats exercise and keep them entertained for hours on end, even if they aren’t home. There are tons of options out there, including automatic laser pointer toys that randomize laser patterns for your kitty to chase, as well as ball dispensing toys that “toss” a ball for your dog to fetch.

Technology is no substitute for TLC

Pet technology is great for providing pet parents with extra peace of mind and convenience throughout their day—especially if their pets have health or behavioral problems that require closer monitoring. However, we must remember that no matter how technologically advanced our world gets, there’s just no substitute for in-person playtime, love and care!

After a day of monitoring your pup or kitty from afar and watching it play using its automated toys, be sure to shower your pet with attention at home so it feels truly cared for and happy.