Are Chewable Supplements Better for Your Dog?

Are Chewable Supplements Better for Your Dog?

For many pet parents, the question isn’t whether or not their dog needs to take daily supplements. It’s, which supplement should they choose? With so many options on the market, it’s hard to tell the difference between supplemental pills, capsules, tinctures and chewables. They all provide the same nutrients, leaving pet parents to wonder why different types exist in the first place.

While their nutritional content is usually the same, each type of supplement comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks for your dog. Among all the different kinds, pet parents often find that their pups prefer chewables the most. Read on to learn the benefits of giving your dog a chewable supplement.

Reduce their daily stress levels

For some dogs, taking their supplements can cause a significant amount of stress. While many pups have no problem swallowing a pill, others shy away from the mere thought of it. Pet parents often find that their dogs aren’t too keen on swallowing a hard, unpleasant-tasting object. Forcing a dog into the same stressful situation every day can heighten their stress levels, which comes with a slew of other potential health risks.

Chewable supplements can help your dog enjoy this daily ritual. The soft consistency makes chewables easy to grind into smaller pieces. Chewable supplements also look, taste and smell like regular dog treats. Rather than getting stressed out, taking a chewable supplement could very well become your pup’s favorite part of the day!

Eliminate the risk of inhaling a pill

Some dogs are too smart to fall for capsules hidden in food. They might spit out the pill, eat around it or avoid the food altogether. When dogs keep spitting out their supplements, pet parents have no choice but to pill their dogs. This involves placing the capsule near the back of the dog’s mouth with a pill gun. Pilling can be an unpleasant experience for both you and your dog.

What’s worse, your dog may become harmed in the process. Pilling usually comes with some resistance from the dog. Many dogs have been known to bite, squirm and jerk their heads away from the owners. As you attempt to pill your dog, they could accidentally inhale the pill during their struggle to get away from you.

Thankfully, there’s a much easier way to give your pup the nutrients they need. Chewables almost entirely eliminate the risk of choking on a supplement. Unlike pills and capsules, your dog can eat a chewable supplement the same way they’d eat a treat or any other food. There’s no struggle involved, so chewables should go down a lot more easily. No pilling necessary!

Speed up the absorption of nutrients

Any type of supplement can benefit your dog’s health. Whether you choose a pill, tincture or chewable supplement, all of these options are packed with nutrients that bolster a wide range of bodily systems. Supplements often contain the same nutritional content, regardless of whether they come in pill, tincture or chewable form.

However, it’s worth noting that supplements are absorbed in different ways. For pills and capsules, the digestive process begins when these supplements enter the stomach. Digestive juices start to break down the pill or capsule before sending it to the small intestines. This tends to be a slower process, which means it takes longer for your dog’s digestive system to absorb the nutrients.

By contrast, dogs start absorbing nutrients in chewable supplements right away. Unlike pills and capsules, chewable supplements don’t have a hard outer shell. The entire supplement is very soft, which allows your dog’s saliva to start breaking down the nutrients even before they swallow it. Saliva speeds up the absorption process, giving your dog quicker access to vital nutrients.


Decide what’s best for your dog

Chewables have several advantages over pills and capsules. However, that doesn’t mean pet parents should completely dismiss all the other types of supplements. At the end of the day, only you and your vet know what’s best for your pup. There’s no need to switch to chewable supplements if your dog is perfectly content with swallowing their pills or tinctures.

Chewables are a great place to start if your dog has never taken a supplement. They’re soft, tasty and easy to swallow—all of which contribute to a positive first experience with supplements. Of course, pet parents are encouraged to try different types of supplements to see which one works best. But don’t be surprised if your pup likes chewables the most!

No matter which type you choose, any supplement can give your dog the nutrients they need. Different forms are available because pet parents have varying degrees of success with administering supplements to their dogs. If pills and capsules didn’t work out very well, consider feeding your dog a chewable supplement to protect their mental and physical health.