Add Core Immune Care for Your Pet's Daily Antioxidant Support

Add Core Immune Care for Your Pet's Daily Antioxidant Support

Our antioxidant formula is for pets of all ages, supporting the body's immune system to deal with normal, cellular repair that needs to happen every day for a healthy, energetic life. This is a well-balanced antioxidant formula that can be given to your pet every day, sprinkled on his or her food.

What is Core Immune CARE?

Core Immune CARE was developed by a leading veterinarian, specializing in pet nutrition, and is intended for dogs and cats of all ages. Older pets, in particular, can benefit from this daily supplement. It can be added into virtually any health regime or existing diet. 

What are antioxidants and why are they important? Antioxidants are molecules that occur naturally in the body. They are also found in foods. They are important because they are needed to keep free radicals from doing damage to the body’s cells. Free radicals are byproducts produced in the body, a bit like waste that needs to be neutralized. The more inflammation there is, the more free radicals are produced. If free radicals are disproportionately abundant, they can start to damage cell membranes, certain enzymes and, eventually, the body’s genetic material (DNA), leading to cancer.

As bodies age, or there is more inflammation, it becomes harder for the body to keep free radicals in check. The body’s own antioxidants (endogenous) may not be able to cope with the amount of free radicals, and inflammation can increase. By adding natural antioxidants in the form of a supplement (exogenous) to the diet of your pet, it provides a boost to this process of limiting free radical damage. 


What is Core Immune CARE used for?

If you are looking for a well-rounded, uncomplicated supplement to add to your pet’s diet, something that will bolster your pet’s ability to maintain better health, Core Immune CARE provides the foundation for building resiliency and better aging.

Core Immune CARE supports the body to deal with normal, cellular repair. When cells are able to continually repair, there is a much greater chance of continued good health and a longer, more energetic life. As pets age, antioxidants are being used faster. 

Antioxidants are most useful for supporting:

  • Joints
  • Skin & Allergies
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Eye Health
  • Blood Sugar Balance
  • Quality of Life 
  • Energy for Aging Pets

Core Immune CARE contains the active ingredients necessary for the body to sustain healthy cells: key amino acids, vitamins & minerals, beta-glucans, fish protein, and more.