A quick recovery from hair loss

Last winter, Ann fought a terrible flu with high fever for several days in her home town of Bloomington, Minnesota. When she finally got over it, she started experiencing significant hair loss.

“I was horrified,” she says.

“With very fine and thin hair to begin with, it didn't’ take long for this situation to become serious.”

Ann was not going to wait to become bald. She immediately went on the internet and found Hair Essentials. She ordered the product. Just only after one week, she saw the difference. Her hair stopped falling, and after seven weeks, she had new hair growing.

“I am so relieved,” Ann says.

She also noticed a difference with her nails. Before she started taking Hair Essentials, her nails were peeling and cracking. At first Ann just thought it was because of the extreme cold Minnesota winter but then she realized it was connected to what she was experiencing with hair loss. When she started taking Hair Essentials, her nails also became stronger.

She is now so happy with the product that she advised her thirty-year old son to take it as well to treat early signs of baldness.

“We are keeping our fingers crossed,” mom says.