8 Must-Have Pet Products for a Long, Healthy Life

8 Must-Have Pet Products for a Long, Healthy Life


One question many pet parents ask is, “Am I doing enough for my pet?” Your furry friend may seem fine, but owners are often left wondering if there’s more they could do to support their pet’s general health. The simple answer is yes—our fur babies have a complex network of bodily systems that require daily maintenance for a long, healthy and comfortable life.

Don’t know where to start? Below are the top eight essential pet products owners should incorporate into their pet’s daily routine.

  1. Daily multivitamin: Not all commercial pet foods are created equal. Supplement your furry friend’s diet with a daily multivitamin to ensure they’re receiving all the necessary nutrients for optimal health. A multivitamin is packed with greens that aid in nutrient absorption and help the body efficiently use oxygen. Prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes support digestion, while grass-fed beef liver provides ample natural protein.
  2. Immunity supplement: As pets age, they’re less resilient in fighting off infections. Their body systems start to slow down, including the rate at which cells repair themselves. A daily immunity supplement gives the body an extra layer of defense against pathogens and accelerates cellular repair. Pets who take this supplement have more energy to go on long walks and engage in play time. Immunity supplements are particularly beneficial for pets struggling with allergies that cause skin irritation. However, pets of all ages and health conditions need immunity support!
  3. Stainless steel bowls: A healthy diet isn’t all about supplements and food—it’s also about what containers you put them in! Every pet owner should purchase a set of stainless-steel food and water bowls because they’re hypoallergenic and inhibit bacterial growth. Stainless steel is super durable and, unlike plastic, won’t leak toxic chemicals into your pet’s food. Cats and dogs who eat from stainless-steel bowls experience a lower rate of gastrointestinal upset and viral infections.
  4. Stress-relief supplement: Stress is an unavoidable part of life, both for humans and their furry companions. Sources of stress can pop up in your pet’s environment such as social gatherings, new family members, vet trips, fireworks and more. Calm your anxious pet in any situation by administering a stress-relief supplement. A blend of organic herbs works to relax the nervous system and produce a mild sedative effect. Ingredients like chamomile and ginger root also soothe digestive upset, which is a common symptom of anxiety in pets.
  5. Cold water fish oil: Your pet’s health should radiate from the inside out! One pump of cold water fish oil added to pet food provides their daily requirement of omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient promotes immune health, moisturized skin and a luscious, shiny coat. Essential fatty acids also bolster joint health, especially in senior pets prone to general aches and pains. Plus, no pet can resist the delectable taste of salmon!
  6. Water fountain: This pet essential isn’t for decoration! Plain old water bowls don’t look very enticing. A water fountain can encourage your pet to stay hydrated by making the act of drinking more enjoyable. Fountains have built-in filters that constantly supply pets with fresh drinking water, which is good for their immune systems, kidneys, brains and more. This feature also helps out pet parents because you won’t have to scrub a water dish every day.
  7. Skin and coat supplement: Want to help your pet really shine? Improve their overall appearance with a skin and coat supplement. The omega-3s from wild, sustainably caught fish help clear mild skin irritations and revitalize dull coats. This supplement draws nutrients from a diverse range of fish including anchovy, mackerel, herring and sardine. Skin and coat supplements are easy to administer—simply mix the fish oil with their regular food.
  8. Nervous system support: All pets will experience physical discomfort to varying degrees. There’s one simple way pet parents can help, and that’s by giving your furry companion a tincture that provides nervous system support. Powerful herbs such as corydalis tuber, ginger, rosemary and turmeric increase blood flow and ease muscle soreness. They also calm the mind and gently promote a positive mood. What’s more, these all-natural ingredients are non-addictive and cause next to no harmful side effects!

At the end of the day, only you and your veterinarian know what’s best for your pet. You don’t have to administer a slew of supplements every single day! Find out which aspects of your pet’s health need the most support and buy products based on a vet’s recommendations.

As always, speak with a vet or nutritionist before giving any supplements to your pet. Every animal needs omega-3s and protein—what matters most is how you supply these nutrients!