8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Pets

8 Fun Summer Activities to Do with Your Pets

At the peak of the summer season, you and your family might be itching to get out and have fun but aren’t sure what to do. The weather’s nice, the kids are off of school, and you’re eager for excitement…but what can you do to get the whole family involved, including your furry friends?

Whether you have a cat or dog (or multiple!) at home, there are tons of fun activities for you to enjoy this summer. Make a point to try a few new things before the end of the season and make some lasting memories with your furry friends.

Here are just a few suggestions for summer activities that are pet-friendly and loads of fun!


  1. Go camping: Camping is a fantastic summer activity for families with pets. Pack up your car and hit the road to a remote location to rough it in the wilderness for a night or two. Your pets will love to explore the new sights, sounds and smells around your campsite, and you’ll have a lovable cuddle buddy while you relax around the campfire at night. Make sure you go on a hike to get some exercise in and explore the great outdoors! (While dogs might be more inclined to camp, cats can make great camping companions too. Just make sure they’re protected against parasites and insects.)
  2. Take a hometown tour: You don’t have to go far to explore new sights, though. There’s much to be discovered right in your hometown. Strap your pet up on their leash or in a travel backpack and take a walking tour of your city, stopping by monuments and historic places. This is also a great activity for kids, who can learn some new things about their hometown while you’re out and about.
  3. Set up an obstacle course: If you feel like staying home but want to enjoy the nice summer weather, set up a backyard obstacle course for your pets (and kids!) to enjoy. Hula hoops, tires, cardboard boxes and other household items can function as “obstacles” your pet can navigate to earn a yummy treat. Not only is this a lot of fun, but it’s great exercise and mental stimulation for your pup or cat as they learn to follow commands and navigate puzzles.
  4. Try a new outdoor sport: Tired of walking? There are lots of other ways you and your pup can get your daily exercise in during summer! Try out a different sport, such as frisbee, roller blading or hiking, to change up your normal routine and give your pet the opportunity to move in a different way.
  5. Teach your pup to swim: Has your pup ever taken a dip in the pool? If not, they probably won’t be an expert swimmer right away. Get a floatie designed for your pooch and spend your afternoons teaching your furry friend how to swim! Most dogs love to swim and pick up on it pretty quickly. Once they learn, you can feel more confident that your pup will stay safe during pool parties and family pool days.
  6. Set up a sprinkler zone: If you don’t have a pool, you can still find ways to keep your dog cool in the summer heat! A few sprinklers and a kiddie pool can turn your backyard into a fun, family-friendly splash zone that both your kids and pets will enjoy. You’ll have a blast watching your pup leap through and chase the showers of water.
  7. Host a neighborhood dog walk: If your neighborhood has a lot of dogs, get them together for a fun group outing! Reach out to your fellow pet parents and set up a recurring neighborhood dog walk. This way, your dog can make some furry friends of their own while you catch up with your human friends! If there’s a dog park nearby, end your walk with a quick stop to let your pups run around and play.
  8. Split some frozen treats: We humans love to indulge in a frozen sweet treat on a hot day, but our popsicles and ice creams aren’t always safe to share with our pets. If you want your pup or kitty to enjoy a sweet treat of their own, find a tasty pet-safe popsicle recipe and let them dig in! Many dog-safe recipes use yogurt and fruits, but you can also make savory frozen treats that are delectable for cats and dogs alike.


Summer is the time to have fun and try new things. Give your pet some new experiences while having a blast with the entire family and make this summer one to remember!