6 Ideas to Celebrate Holiday Festivities with Your Pets

6 Ideas to Celebrate Holiday Festivities with Your Pets

We all eagerly await and feel excited about the holidays. Holidays are the time to enjoy fine dining and spending time with loved ones. And, one of the most beloved members of the family is your pet.

Do you indulge your pet in all the fun of the holiday season? If not, you should start doing it this year, as your furry friends deserve just as much love and attention!

Here are some ideas on how to give an extra sweet treat to your beloved pet and make them feel like every holiday celebration is a pet festival.

1. Surprise your pet with a present

The giving and receiving of gifts is something every child and adult awaits excitedly. This year, include your pet in the gift-giving tradition.

You can hang a sock or stocking just like you do for your kids and fill it with pet toys or their favorite treat. You can also wrap a gift and then unwrap it in front of your pet. This gesture will make them feel special.

You can also gift your pet something you were planning to buy for a long time, like a doghouse, a small and cozy bed, food or bath equipment, etc. If going for a shopping seems like a huge task for you, browse something online.

How fun it will be for you and your pet!

2. Involve them in family games

To make festive days unique, many families plan a tasty dinner and then do some fun activities with family members. Including your pets in these activities will bring them closer to you and make them happy.

You can play hide and seek with your pets by hiding a treat while the pet is in another room. Then, bring it back and ask them to find the hidden treat by following your gestures. You can also play frisbee or run around on your lawn or nearby park.

One more fun game you can play with your pet is the bowl game. For that, you can take two to three plastic bowls and place a treat under one of them, turning them all upside-down. Let your pet see that you are hiding something underneath a bowl. Finally, ask your pet to guess where the treat is and give it to them.

3. Take them along with you on holidays

Pets always appreciate the time their family spends with them. So, if you are traveling for your festive holidays, try to bring them with you. Make them a part of your holiday joy. Nowadays, most hotels are pet-friendly.

Remember, you need to take necessary precautions for them so that your pet can travel safely.

4. Cook something special for them

Cooking a royal meal is a crucial part of the holidays. Every family has some traditional dishes when it comes to holiday food. This year, add a favorite treat of your pet's to the menu! You can make some unique-shaped cookies or pet-friendly gingerbread biscuits.

Cooking for your pets will not only make them happy, but you will also be delighted for doing something special for your four-legged family member. They will definitely appreciate your cooking skills, even if your human friends don’t!

If you don’t feel like looking for a good pet recipe and cooking for your pet, bring Joint Rescue - Venison Jerky or Chicken Jerky, instead. These are great treats for your dog, as they not only taste good but are also very healthy for your pet.

5. Organize a pet play-date

Help your pet enjoy the festive season by hosting a play-date for it. Invite your pet owner friends and family members to you home and ask them to bring their pets along.

Arrange pet food, toys and fun activities to give your pet a happy holiday treat. For a more budget-congested party, you can ask your guests to bring homemade dog or cat dishes and have a pet potluck party.

You can also find local animal shelters that organize holiday activities for animals. These events consist of games, playrooms for smaller animals, etc. To find one such shelter near you, scan social media or search for your city’s event pages.

6. Decorate their space

Just like us, animals also enjoy pretty and bright decorations. If you have a small house space for your pet, make it look different than usual by decorating it. You can use small decorative lights, toys and more. At Christmas, you can put the tree near their space to make them feel a part of the festivities. You might also want to hang a picture of you and your pet near their space.

Additionally, you can take your pet for a walk to enjoy your neighborhood’s festive decorations. In case of the wintery festivals, you might want to dress your pet in a new sweater or coat to keep them warm.

Make your family feel loved

Always keep in mind that your pet is an integral part of your family. They deserve love and care too, so, never forget to indulge them in your celebrations and happy times. Because of your warm gestures, they’ll love you even more and always cherish such memorable days.

Also, make sure that you don’t neglect their health in all the fun. Last but not least, don’t forget to take some adorable pictures with your cute pet during the festivities. Happy holidays!