Lucy’s journey to recovery from cat hyperthyroidism

Lucy’s journey to recovery from cat hyperthyroidism

Cat hyperthyroidism is a challenging pet ailment to manage, but fortunately Thyroid Support Gold from Pet Wellbeing is a safe and effective natural solution with a proven record. Here's another motivating customer story.

Three years ago, Anita, a registered vet nurse who lives in the West Midlands in the UK, kindly gave a home to a 16-year old, emaciated cat with severe hyperthyroidism issues. This was the beginning of a long journey.

Lucy did not tolerate the meds this dedicated vet nurse gave her, and she started vomiting so mom decided to have her left thyroid removed. Sadly the beloved kitty continued to cope with hyperthyroidism, and Anita tried to give her methimazole ear gel. But the poor kitty did not do well with this treatment either. “She suffered nausea and was scratching at her ears and face which was difficult to control,�? mom says.  A year later, Anita decided to have Lucy’s right thyroid removed.

For a few months, things seemed to settle down for the poor kitty, but it didn’t take long before, Lucy started going downhill again. “Her thyroid levels were up to 123, accompanied by weight loss, panting, poor coat, heart problems, vomiting, and diarrhea,�? mom reports.

Anita tried the ear gel again, without any success. “She hated it and would groan while it was applied.�? Lucy was now  over 18, and mom was desperate. She went online and came across Thyroid Support Gold. She read the positive reviews. “Did we dare hope?�? Anita thought.

Having nothing to lose, mom ordered the product, and over a period of three weeks, started to see improvements in Lucy's hyperthyroidism condition. During her first week on the treatment, Lucy slept for hours and drank a great deal when awake, but did not vomit or have diarrhea. “So we tried not to worry too much,�? mom remembers.

By week 2, Lucy ate better, was more lively, drank less, did not vomit or or have diarrhea. By week 3, the lucky kitty was much brighter, did not sleep or drink as much, and even regained a solid appetite. After a month, the results were simply spectacular.

“Lucy appears to be stable, loves her drops, is very affectionate and interactive. She has a lovely shiny coat, a good appetite, a steady normal heart rate, she is very strong on her legs and able to go outside now, amazing,�? says Lucy’s mom.

After this long journey, this vet nurse who has cared for animals for years is simply amazed by the results. “Each day we thought Lucy would crash but she hasn't, she is fine,�? Anita says. Mom can finally enjoy a stress-free, happy life with her beloved, senior cat friend who now has a much better quality of life.

We would recommend anyone struggling with conventional treatment to open their minds to herbs and try this brilliant product,�? mom says.

“Using vet treatments were keeping Lucy alive for us, but now we are keeping her alive for her."

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