Adopt-a-Cat Month is the Best Time to Find a New Feline Friend

Adopt-a-Cat Month is the Best Time to Find a New Feline Friend

If you’ve toyed with the idea of getting a cat for quite some time, the best option is to adopt from a shelter or rescue agency. June is the perfect time to visit your local shelter because it’s National Adopt-a-Cat Month!

This month is dedicated to raising awareness about adoption and why it’s so important. Below are some of the many reasons why you should consider adopting a rescue cat.

Give them a second chance at life

Most cats at shelters and rescue agencies have suffered unfair treatment. Many rescued kitties either came from a neglectful owner or straight off the streets. They’re forced to go through life never knowing the love a human can give. Rescue cats aren’t broken, nor are they less deserving of companionship. They’ve just experienced more life than cats from pet stores.

Rescue cats got a rough start, but you can give them a happy ending. It’s never too late to turn a cat’s life around! No matter how much trauma they’ve endured, a cat is always capable of healing their past. Rescue kitties can overcome behavioral issues and find happiness with a loving human companion. Adopting truly gives them a second chance at life.

Help shelters reduce overpopulation

Future pet parents should consider adoption because communities everywhere are overpopulated with cats. Overpopulation stems from irresponsible breeding, unwanted pregnancies and pet parents who don’t spay/neuter their feline companions. When a female cat produces a litter, the owner often abandons those kittens on the street. They grow up as strays that haven’t been altered, leaving them to produce even more unwanted cats.

There are too many stray cats and not enough space at animal shelters. Facilities quickly become crowded because shelter staff want to help as many cats as possible. Unfortunately, many shelters euthanize senior cats or ones that have gone too long without getting adopted. No-kill shelters usually have limits on how many cats they can accept. There’s simply not enough room for them all.

When you choose to adopt a cat, you’re actually saving two lives. Bringing home a feline friend opens up space at the shelter for more cats. Each adopted cat saves another from an abusive owner or rough living conditions. As shelters welcome more cats through their doors, they take cats off the streets and put them into forever homes. Overpopulation becomes less of a problem, one pet parent at a time.


Rescued cats are in good health

Despite their troubled pasts, rescue cats tend to have fewer health problems than purebreds or kitties at pet stores. Breeders produce Ragdoll, Persian, Siamese and Himalayan cats because those have become popular breeds. Unfortunately, purebred cats often have genetic disorders affecting the heart, joints and nervous system. Rescue cats come from mixed breeds, reducing their risk of breed-specific diseases.

The main goal of shelters and rescue agencies is to prepare pets for adoption. Many kitties enter these facilities with injuries, viral infections or a general state of poor health. Staff members nurse cats back to health by feeding them and treating diseases. They identify and treat chronic health conditions, as well. Thanks to shelters, rescue cats are healthier than they’ve ever been!

Shelters and rescue agencies will also often cover medical procedures for you. Many adoption fees include vaccines, microchipping, spay/neutering and a wellness exam. Pet parents who buy cats from pet stores have to spend hundreds of dollars for these procedures. Adopting is much cheaper, and you can rest easy knowing your feline friend’s health is in good order.

Cat adoption is very rewarding

Adoption does more than save a life. Pet parents have much to gain from welcoming a rescue cat into their home. Caring for a rescue cat gives owners a renewed sense of purpose. Adoption holds so much more weight compared to buying from a breeder or pet store. An innocent kitty’s life was at stake until you came along! Adopting a rescue cat helps you feel like you’re making a positive impact on the world.

There’s nothing quite like the love from a rescue cat. These animals are smart enough to realize you’re saving them from abuse and neglect. For that reason, your shared bond will be stronger than you ever thought possible. Your new feline friend will thank you with a lifetime supply of purrs and cuddles!

The benefits of adopting a cat are too numerous to list here. It’s true that a single adoption won’t solve animal cruelty or overpopulation. But you mean the world to that one cat! Don’t feel bad that you can’t take all the cats home. Positive change is all about saving one life at a time.

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