4 Supplement Gifts to Help Your Old Dog Feel Like a Puppy

4 Supplement Gifts to Help Your Old Dog Feel Like a Puppy

As our dogs age, their bodies stop working as well as they used to. The joints get stiffer, the brain isn’t as sharp and bodily systems run less efficiently, potentially causing discomfort or bigger health problems.

As pet owners, there is nothing we can do to stop the aging process—it is just a part of life for our furry friends! However, one thing we can do is provide our senior pups with the tools their bodies need to stay active and agile well into their senior years.

This holiday season, surprise your senior dog with the gift of natural supplements designed to support their body and help them feel young again.

Senior dogs need specialized care

A senior golden retriever on the step and smiles

Some gifts are great for dogs of any age—toys, blankets and treats can be enjoyed by puppies just as much as older dogs. However, senior dogs are likely to develop more specialized healthcare needs the older they get, which is why supplements are such a good gift idea.

By providing your dog with senior-friendly supplements for the holidays, you’ll be giving them the gift of agile joints, a sharper brain and a more comfortable lifestyle. For a dog who has lived through a lifetime of holidays, one where they receive the gift of a younger-feeling body is sure to make them feel extra special!

Supplements designed for senior pets are also special because they aren’t medication. Many natural supplements come without side effects—a major benefit over conventional medications—and even taste delicious, so senior pets love them! Even still, specialized supplements for senior dogs help improve the functionality of the body and brain to ease and possibly even stall the effects of aging to help your furry friend live more comfortably for the rest of his or her days.

The perfect supplements for senior dogs

Although there are many supplement choices available for pets, a few specific kinds will likely be the best choices for a senior dog. These types of supplements help target and alleviate a few common problems that older pets tend to develop.

  • Joint supplements: As dogs age, their years of running and jumping all over the house can catch up to them, resulting in arthritis. Joint pain is extremely common in older dogs, reducing their mobility, making movement painful and potentially preventing pups from doing the same things they used to love. Gifting your arthritic dog joint supplements may help support healthy cartilage and connective tissues, as well as reduce inflammation that causes stiffness around the joints, so your old pup can move freely again.
  • Cognitive supplements: Cognitive dysfunction is another unfortunate side effect of aging in dogs, and it can be scary for both your pup and you as the owner. Supplements designed to improve cognitive function can help your old friend stay sharp and reduce the confusion and fear commonly associated with cognitive decline. Mentally agile dogs are able to focus better and have more fun, acting like their usual selves.
  • Immunity supplements: Older pets’ bodies don’t work as well as they used to, including the immune system. When the immune system isn’t operating at is best, your pet may be more susceptible to illnesses that could be even more damaging to your senior pup’s weakened body. This is why immunity is so important for elder dogs. Immune supplements, including herbal immunity boosters and probiotics, can help keep your pet’s immune system strong and make it easier for their body to fight off foreign invaders for a healthier life.
  • Holistic wellness supplements: In addition to the specific supplements listed above, a supplement designed for holistic wellness in senior dogs can be a great choice. These types of supplements often incorporate a blend of herbs and nutrients older dogs’ bodies needs to keep the entire body healthy, from the brain to the joints and beyond. Another option for holistic wellness is an omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential in the optimal functioning of the body by reducing inflammation and supporting brain and heart health.

A senior beagle wearing a Santa hat opens gifts with his owner

One of the best gifts you can give your senior dog this year is the feeling of being young, free and truly healthy. Even if your dog is nearing his or her senior years and hasn’t shown signs of cognitive or physical decline yet, senior-support supplements are still a great option to get ahead of the potential problems your dog will face.

At this point in your pup’s life, your focus should be extending their wellness as long as possible, keeping them happy and comfortable, and supplements are the perfect, natural way to achieve that.